Brotherblades WIP

I started a project a while ago, it was originally going to be a one gunpla kit, but quickly grew to a full seven model setup. I didn’t want to show it to anyone until I had two done and I can now show it to you all. So I present to you the beginning of the Justice League.

Batman was the first and easiest, the instant I saw the G-exes I wanted to make it into the dark knight. Superman was tough, for a while I couldn’t find a gunpla that gave the right feel, but for some reason the 1.5 gundam did it. I’ll post more as the league grows


Now I want to pick up the Noble Gundam from my local hobby store and make it into wonder woman.

I was going to use the Noble gundam but she ended up being just a little bit to small all around for my liking and it made the shield and sword just look disproportionate to her and would need a lot of modifications until I was happy with it so I’m just using her head

Great job dude! 1.5 can definitely pull off the Man Of Steel look. Can’t wait to see more!

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Wow this is great.
Which character are you doing next?

Well originally Green Lantern was going to be the second one but some of the paint went on splotchy so I had to strip the paint off and then i had to move so he got shelved. So I’m gonna finish him and he’ll be the third

I can’t wait to see. Which gundam(s) are you using for the base?

I’m using the dantalion from IBO, the giant folding arms sold me on the idea almost instantly.

I’m excited to see that style of paint scheme on the Dantalion! It’s one of my favorite ibo kits.

Definitely one of the coolest ones from ibo, I’m leaving for vacation in a week so I’m gonna try and finish it before next week

Just finished a kotobukia option part for green lantern I figured what better option part for a giant arm than a giant hand! Some of the paint already scraped off on the inner hand joints, but it’ll be hidden so I’m not too concerned with it


For all intents and purposes green lantern is done. I still have a lot of work to do on him, need to clean up some lines and topcoat but I’m calling him done for now. So I present the third member of the justice league the Green Lantern(and his comedically large hand):

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Just finished up hawkgirl last night but I was way too tired to take pictures but here she is in all her glory. I really need to get a photo booth of some sort set up

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Started working on wonder woman last night, did the whole inner frame, hands, and face in the same dark tan as hawk girls fleshy bits to fit the bronzed amazonian feel. Still have to finish up on a part of the armor I’ve been fighting with before I can really start painting the rest of it