Brand Spankin' New Gundam Fan!

Hey, people! What’s up?

The name’s Bztar. Pronounced “Bits-AR”. You should have a bit of a British accent while saying it out loud.

I joined the anime juggernaut that is GUNDAM a few months ago, enamoured by some Gundam Wing. Since, I’ve watched the MSG films, The Origin, Endless Waltz, 00 S1, Build Fighters, Build Divers, Unicorn, an episode of Seed (the first, can’t get that bad taste out of my mouth), and a few others I can’t quite remember all of a sudden.

I also enjoy building Gunpla… but not enough to go nuts, apparently. My first kit was the HG Zaku II Revive (Char’s, of course); I built the HG RX-78-2 Revive and the HG Gouf Custom soon after. Tons of fun, now just waiting for a chance to snag a Moon Gundam and RG Zeong with birthday money.

Favorite MS: Gouf

Favorite Gundam Type: Ground Gundam

Favorite Kit: HG Gouf Custom

Well, that about sums it up. Nice to meet y’all, hoping for some good discussion!

…not that I don’t get it anywhere else…

Anyways, Bztar out!

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Welcome to the forum!


Gundam SEED, the series, actually got pretty good around the second half. The first half do required some teeth pulling. If you want, you should try to watch the Special Edition, basically super condensed version of the whole series around 3 episodes or sections. With that, you should still be able to get an idea of the whole series.

As for the SEED Destiny, it was worse in personal opinion, so for that, definite go with the Special Edition…

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Welcome to the hobby!


Welcome. I’m new here also. I have been a fan of the animated gundam universe for a long time. only recently started in on the models. Nice to meet you!

Yeah… I can’t stand a show that’s only half good. I’d rather have a totally mundane Gundam show than a half good Gundam show.

Welcome to the forums!