Brand New Guy

Hello future friends,

I am new to Gundam and gunpla in general, but upon searching for a new hobby I have, thanks to friend, been steered into the real of Gunpla.

I am starting quite late as I am 32, but I am hoping that with all of your guys and girls help, I will pick up on it quickly and have a great time as well.

So here is to seeing you all out there on the forum. Have a great day everyone.


Welcome to the hobby! Have you already picked up your 1st kit yet?


There are plenty of tutorials out there for beginners. Anything that you can’t figure out or have trouble with, you can ask here.

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You should chack out JabMan025 on youtube. He has a couple of videos like “Best MGs for beginners” and “Worst MGs for beginners” that are helpful.

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I picked up Unicorn Gundam Banshee as a first build.


At what scale or grade?

Because if it was a Master Grade, MG, you might want to put it in backlog for now and go with another kit. Not to scare you to abandon the GunPla or anything, but many voiced annoyance and issue with the MG Unicorn kits… Just a word of caution if it was a MG.

If it was a Real Grade, RG, you just have to be extra careful of small parts.

I apologize for the untimely response, between work, and home I have been busy.

It is an MG 1:100 scale. I have been working slowly on it so I don’t mess it up but so far has not been too difficult.

Thank you for the advice you have given.

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Hey, no worries. You can reply, or not, whenever you feel like. This forum is fairly mellow on things like that. And unless you are one of the people that capitalize or get the kits by compensations or donations, otherwise, most have to work for their kits, or backlog, so no need to apologize for working.

As for the Banshee, as long as you are okay and comfortable with it, that is all that matters. Just that since the inception of MG Unicorn, people seemed to be having some trouble with it. Did not built one but did acquired one before and there indeed were some problems. Although did find that if you do not do transformation and just stick with one of its form, then you will probably be okay.

Anyway, hope to see it complete soon.

Welcome to the forums! I am a Gundam rookiee too.

Welcome to the group dude

Great choice! Banshee is one of my favorite Gundams.