Brand new Gundam for AoZ

This is the MSW-004 Gundam [KESTREL], an entirely new Gundam featured in the current Advance of Zeta light novel series.

I’ve never seen anything like it, and I can’t think of anything else that uses an MSW model number either.

I’ve got a picture of this suit on my desktop. I came across it a while back and instantly fell in love with it. I hope it gets a kit.

Me too.

I still need to get those Dengeki Hobby conversion parts for the GM Type C…

Likewise. Until the GM II comes out, the Wagtail is the only HGUC GM kit I’m missing.

Likewise. preferablly in MG Kit form. lol

it reminds me of G Gundam in the slenderness of the gundam and how it looks like its got great maneuverability