Brake fluid paint stripping

I know I saw this spring up in one of the discussions I had last week, and now I’m curious. Having seen what the airbrush can do, I wanna go back to my last 2 projects that are still in progress, strip them, and start over, but I wanted to get some pointers. Like, what brand of brake fluid should I be buying, How long should I leave the parts in for w/o damaging the plastic, what to look out for, stuff like that.

What was your base paint? Acrylic or lacquer? Acrylic is easy. De-natured alcohol (from hardware store) for 1/2 hour and go at it with a toothbrush. You can even so that to lacquer painted surface but you might need to soak for a bit longer and it will take a bit more effort to get the paint off.

I’ve actually done the alcohol trick with acrylic paint in the past with success, but the kits in question have a mix of Tamiya Spray-on lacquer and regular Tamiya Lacquer paint, and the results were far from successful when I tried to strip paint off of one particular part with the alcohol.

Did you use rubbing alcohol or de-natured (se-natured seems stronger for some reason). I had an experience with a few parts that was prime with Mr. Hobby surfacer (lacquer) grey and then with acrylic yellow and the yellow turns out kinda dull. I was just trying to remove the yellow and prime with white and de-natured alcohol not only dissolved the acrylic yellow but soften the primer coat to the point that it was just rubbing off so we end up taking everything off and re-prime with white before yellow.

Now that I think about it, I used 90% Rubbing Alcohol. I’ll give the de-natured stuff a try first before utilizing stronger substances like the brake fluid.

Aaaaaand the results were mixed. The pearl white came off easily, but the red, grey, and orange only had some of it come off. I even tried soaking one piece again for another round, but nothing else came off on the second round of scrubbing.

Did they even get soften? After an hour in de-natured alcohol. even the plastic feels a tiny bit soft after we got the primer off. The only thing I can think of it that my pieces was fairly freshly painted (within a day) so maybe they have not fully cured.

Try Simple Green. I use it for all of my models, plastic, resin and metal. Works great.