Boy, has the forum grown.

Has anyone else just, observed how large the forum is getting? We have members that are barely on, and we have a decent sized Gundam forum already just with the people on regularly (now me since I’m back on my desktop instead of SFA “craptop”). This forum is like our child, we should marvel over it’s accomplishments, how it grows is how we raise it, and we give it life with our members and posts. It’s such a beautiful thing to just watch this forum become something amazing.

Why are you so friggin poetic?

That just earned you a second kit from my Plat Membership.

I remember back, when it was just myself and Zombie Freyr posting (I think my Unicorn thread was the original member topic actually); the members who joined before me were all GSAM employees, I believe. I roped Zombie Freyr into joining (he’s a lurker more than anything), so I’d have someone to talk with. Asterisk and Kamari joined soon after, and that’s when I’d say that the forum really started to take off. It’s hard to believe that it’s been less than a year. I’d say that we’ve been pretty active for a group as small as ours (there’s only a dozen or so regular commenters).
Thank you, GSAM, for providing and maintaining this forum for us.

This. We may not agree on much, but we definitely agree on this.

This. We may not agree on much, but we definitely agree on this.[/quote]

This and this.

We are the best dis functional family all of us have chosen.

Every family has heated discussions from time to time. Then they move on.