Anyone else notice the number of bots this site has? Literally it’s riddled with them. Is there anyway we can delete the obvious bot accounts and have a way that makes it harder for them to sign on? Something as simple as when someone is signing up, have them enter “123” in a text box to prove they are human. It might cut down on the spam as well.

The forum already has a Captcha set up upon making an account. Honestly I do not know how they get it. But I have made it my personal mission to bring down the ban hammer on as many as I can find. I’m trying to clean up the forums as best I can.

This site has over 32000 members… about 28000 of which are dead accts/bots. lol

That is very true. Only the admin has the ability to actually delete the accounts that are either banned or spam.

I’m curious about how they get past the captcha too. All I can think is, text recognition, if that’s even possible.

My wife believes that it’s not bots at all. But real people who are paid by companies to sit around and do nothing but make accounts on forums like ours, and spam around in hopes to draw in advertising. It sounds crazy, but would explain how they are able to get around the captcha.

this could definitely be the case here. I have a cousin down in Mexico who does this kind of work part time to pay for college. she says that it is EXTREMELY boring, but pays pretty decent (by Mexican’s standards) for such little work involved.

Spammers are such a terrible nuisance. I once joined a forum here:
And there were no such ads/junk at all. I wonder why? That place has probably 3x the number of real members than any forums that I have seen. (I have been banned from that site, but by mistake. I can’t even contact the mods, they just ignore me. It was my favorite site. :frowning: But not anymore!)

I don’t seem to get it. What’s the beneficial point of going around, causing unnecassary spam, and wasting bandwith?

for the those people actually doing the spamming, it’s getting paid. for the people paying them, I don’t know, free advertising maybe?

It’s all about free advertising. It’s a way of getting their message out there to the public for as little cost as possible. For us, it’s just a pain in the ass. I honestly can’t tell you how many of these accounts I ban a day.

All the help that does, the spamming. Most of the time that crap’s illegible. I feel for you though, sorry these guys don’t care to give you a moment of peace so you can enjoy the forum every once in a while.

Can’t you IP ban them?

Speaking of Bots, nother one just showed up :p…

Already took care of it.

Hey guys–

Just thought I’d add my 2 cents…

We do use a CAPTCHA as some people pointed out. Either the bots have an algorithm to get around it or as some of you suspect they are actually real people.

The number of spammers is totally outrageous. Unfortunately, it seems to be a problem that most forums have. At Asterisk’s request we’ve added a few new moderators! They seem to be really helping keep the spam account to a minimum.

By default, we physically remove the post, ban the users’s IP address and set the ban to permanently. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to slow down the steady stream to the forum.

In the future I would like to upgrade this forum to the new vBulletin 5 and look for some plugin solutions to the spam problem. I know there are options out there I just haven’t had the time to look into them yet.

Also, I ran a script and purged the thousands of users we had sitting in the Banned Users group. So that number on the footer is a lot smaller now.


I’d concur with this. Would explain all the Russians and Ukrainians :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news to hear m1ck3y. Hopefully upgrading to Bulletin 5 will help out a bit. I’ve been doing my best to take down any spammer that I find.