Bossguy's Works In Progress Thread

Hi guys! I’m not so big on posting current progress, pictures, etc., but everybody else was doing one and I felt left out. I might not post a lot of pictures because I don’t have a proper camera, but I will at least post updates. I’m currently working on the HGUC Byarlant Custom, and I’m in the painting process. I got a can of Tamiya Color Dull Red, and I found out that it’s more of a brick red than a maroon, so I got a container of Tamiya Clear Red to brush on to make the color maroon.


I’m also looking for tips here. I want to paint the inside of the thrusters red, but I don’t know how to mask the outside. Can someone help me please? Thanks!

I don’t mask mine at all. I lay down a layer of Chrome Silver using a toothpick. Then after that I paint in a layer of clear red. Makes for a really good affect.

A toothpick? Interesting. I’m still contemplating how I’m going to do this, as I want all of the red to be the same color. Thanks for the tip! Also, can you tell me if Tamiya Clear paints leave brush marks after a couple coats? I’ve noticed on Prime92’s custom Titanium Sinanju that it hardly shows any brush strokes at all. After the first coat, brush strokes are relevant, but on the third and fourth coat, you can’t see them.

I use Tamiya’s clear red quiet a bit. And I normally put down 1 layer of it. Cause the more layers you add, more you lose that transparent affect. But I really don’t have a problem with streaks when I use it.

Cool! Thanks thwalker!


Do you thin the paint?

I do not. I paint with it straight out of the bottle.

Excellent. Thank you so much for your help Thwalker.

Not a problem man. Any time. Hope your project goes well.

A cellphone camera should suffice. Then you can just tweak the image with a graphic software like Photoshop to make it more presentable.

I guess, I’m just not that great with lighting, etc. I only have an iPad 1, hoping to upgrade it this year, so I’ll be borrowing our family’s camera or my sister’s iPod.

Regarding the clear paint stroke marks, just make sure you use as few strokes as possible or else you will end up with some ugly marks due to how fast it dries. Let sit for an hour, then apply the next coat.

Thanks for the tip!

Almost done masking the parts that are to be painted. I’ll post pictures when I have time.

Awesome man. Can’t wait to see them.

Thanks thwalker! Here are the parts: I wish I could say everything is going smoothly, but the liquid mask is so aggravating that I think I might just try to trash it and go with masking tape. I also noticed that the masking tape was peeling (from sticking it on my skin to many times) so I’ll have to do that over. I have time, since the weather here is getting rainy.


Sorry for the sideways picture. It seems I photographed it the wrong way.

Glad to see you’re not getting discouraged by your set-backs, which are all normal for this hobby, haha.

What color scheme are you going for, anyway? Not sure if you mentioned it before.

Thanks! I’m just trying to paint all of the red on this kit, thus eliminating the stickers.

Eliminating stickers is always a + in my book. And it’s good to not get discouraged. Endeavor to Persevere. That’s what I always try to remember.

Thanks! I have already put accidental nicks and grooves in the surface of the thrusters trying to get that stupid liquid mask off. I’ll just pretend they’re dents from battle, but they still irk me. Masking is my least favorite part of modeling so far.

You and me both. Imagine a part you have to mask three times, one after the other and you have to wait a day in between each masking session so the paint you’re going to cover up can handle the tape. It makes me shudder…

About the nicks and grooves, don’t worry too much about them. They’re what makes the kit yours, I always feel.