Bossguy's Finished Kits and Projects

Hey guys! here are my finished kits!. Here is the painted up Byarlant Custom. I wanted to go a different route with the decals. I’m really sorry about the pics. Something is weird with the uploader. These images really don’t do it justice.


all these kits look pretty good. nice work.

Awesome work man! Love seeing this all put together. The glossed red was definitely the right choice here, as it really pops but doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the model. The shoulder thrusters in particularly.

But man, I never knew how big this kit was! it’s almost the size of 00. I wonder if this would be near Ex-s Gundam size if it ever got the MG treatment?

The red on the Byarlant looks nice and the finish is clean. Not bad for your first paint job, haha. And yes, that is a rather large kit. Makes me wonder how huge it would be if in 1/100 scale.

Are those other kits OOB builds?

For the pics, you can use an image hosting service to make it easier for you. Upload the pics there, then link them here in your posts.

Looks really nice! I think your paint job looks great.

Looks awesome man. The color choice for the red was spot on. It matches the rest of the kit super well and really brings everything together. Great work man!

Thanks! The size of this kit blew me out of the water as I was building it. I knew it was going to be big, but not THIS big. This thing screams for a Master Grade, and I think that’s on the top of my wishlist now.

Again, thank you. Those kits were built by me a couple months ago, but I didn’t do very well on them. I really should look into Photobucket. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks guys!! I really appreciate the encouragement.

I would have gotten the HGUC Juaggu instead, but then decided on the Byarlant Custom after watching rrobert184’s review. The red was inspired by prime92’s Titanium Custom Sinanju. Very glad I went the longer route with the clear red. Thank you!

I really appreciate the praise. Really means a lot to me. But, my picture taking skills still suck, haha.

Just wanted to add another picture.
Also, do any of you keep MG and HG boxes? Do you only keep the Ver Ka. ones?

I used to keep all of my boxes. But then it started looking like a big fire hazard.

Now I just take pictures of the box art and keep the manuals umm? in a box!

I still have all of my boxes. Eventually going to cut the corners and collapse them for storage reasons. Maybe make wallpaper out of them.

Thanks. They’re already becoming a storage issue. Both of my HG boxes are beat up, so I might just throw them away.

I hardly ever throw anything away. Simply cause I might be able to repurpose it for something else. lol

So any thoughts on what your next kit will be after you get back from your trip?

I might try my hand with the Real Grade Freedom Gundam, Real Grade MK II, Real Grade Destiny, or the Real Grade RX-78-2. I’m trying to decide. Might go with Freedom though, since it’s the cheapest on Amazon as of now. I really like how the Destiny looks, though. Any suggestions? I feel like I shouldn’t get the RG RX-78-2 because of the 3.0 coming out. I can’t decide!!!


Scratch what I said about cheapest. Now every Real Grade is about the same price.

I’d wait on the RX-78. The 3.0 will be so much better. I have the Freedom and it’s an awesome kit. Probably my favorite out of all my RG kits. The Mk.II is the 2nd on my list. It’s also a great kit with lots of playability. So I’d get one of those. I’ve heard good things about the Destiny, but I have not built it myself.

Thanks. I think I’ll get the Freedom.

For a raw solid build, the MK.II is generally considered the best in the RG line. I haven’t heard or read any reports of it being flimsy, having loose parts or accessories, or troubles with balance. Unlike the others where you may encounter those issues. I have the RG Destiny, but it’s still boxed up. If it’s anything like the RG Strike, it should be a good choice as well.

Regarding the boxes, I’ve been flattening the top portion and keeping them under the bed. Saves plenty of space while still retaining the nice artwork.

Thanks! That’s a good idea.

I say wait for the 3.0 myself. Now as for the others, I would go for Freedom because of it’s aesthetics, but the MK.II is really good all around. I built it last year and it looks great.
The poses look really cool and it has great color contrast. Only thing, is that because of posing mine so much with its shield and gun attached to one arm it now droops downward.

Thanks for the advice. I guess I’ll get the Freedom.

cough cough This thread is dusty. cough. I finished the Red Frame. Pictures can be seen ere. Sorry for the poor lighting. My poses and photo-taking skills needs some serious work, haha.