Blood Pressure in Gundam

I just finished watching Gundam Unicorn and I’m currently watching Gundam Wing, and I noticed that the Blood Pressure (which is always systolic over diastolic) is reversed with the smaller number on top of the larger number. Why is this so? I know its an anime and it doesn’t matter, but I was just curious if the developers were just trolling the audience for fun. Because that would be pretty funny.

Probably just an animation oversight. Also, welcome to the Forums.

I was curious because it’s consistently the same throughout all of the series.
Also thanks for welcoming me, it is pretty cool to see a community like this. Frickin’ love it!

Unicorn animators might have just referenced wing and repeated the mistake?

That’s my guess, they just went with what they’ve seen in past series. But maybe thats just how the world of gundam reads their blood pressure