Blackbeard the pirate

Overall, I am happy with the finished product. A few things I learned from this kit:

Regular testors glue does not work well on the brown parts (the display stand and accesories around it). I ended up using krazy glue, but it doesn’t hold very well at all. So if I do this kit again, I will need to get a glue that works good. Also, the piece in the back doesn’t fit correctly and needed major adjustments as well as the body. The body required a lot of surgery to get fitting correctly.

I ended up using too much water with the red paint on the body, and it spilled down his pant leg on the right. I ended up mixing black and red to make a blood-like color to turn it into blood. So it turned out great in my eyes.

The strap that goes around him that holds the guns broke when I put it on. I already was done with the model, so I just kinda said screw it and left it off. It still looks great considering everything!


A custom color I made for the lever on the ship. A mix of black and silver:

Lamp needed some work / before and after:

Body needed lots of work:


Face (very happy with this - turned out just like I wanted)

Stand display:

Finished product:

Next projects. Got all three of ebay for $25. A STEAL! :smiley:

Blackbeard looks good man. Ive been to where the Queen Ann’s revenge went down.

There’s a fellow on another forum I frequent is doing a G-Xiphos modded into a sort of Mecha-Blackbeard. I saw your thread and thought for a moment you were the same guy.

Looks good, man. I unfortunately don’t have much of a knack for painting faces.

That’s an excellent Blackbeard. If you didn’t show that pic of the legs out of the box, I would have thought it was already pretty clean.

Thats a pretty cool build man. Im looking forward to seeing the star wars kits.