Bit of help theory crafting

I know I’m nerding myself out here, but given that I love transforming MA suits I was wondering, if minus the shuttle, a mobile suit could be made to transform in this way. And what kind of base would be suggested to start from. Many transforming suits I see tend to follow the idea of pulling their legs up and rotating their lower halves to make them large engines on their backs this one kinda reverses that and turns the feet of the unit into the nose/bow section.

Finding a kit that is flexible enough to allow the legs to fold up this way will prolly be the biggest challenge to start this build. Maybe add some wing bits to the units legs and i was thinking the Justice’s back unit on the back of the ship mode with the sheild covering up to the back and head

Got some help off a gunpla discord, the hip joint for this would most likely need to be completely custom designed, the feet as as well as the V-fin as well to allow for the look Im wanting. I might try to do some concept sketches and see if this is something I still wanna try as Ive never had to design a joint before but learning is part of the fun. ^^

Wait, so you are planning on kitbashing an existing kit into the Astro Mega Zord? Or kitbashing into something similar to Astro Mega Zord but of your own design?

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The second one, I want to build a custom gunpla that transforms in a similar way. Minus the shuttle if possible download (6)

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He splits his hips. Just turn the legs upwards?
His arms go in, maybe you can reverse the entire thing so they go back?
You would have to add a lot of parts/plastic so that it looks like it seals together.

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That may be a good place to start though. Does the 144 version of the delta plus transform or is it a parts former?

It’s a parts former.

Drat… though I guess theres not alot stopping me from doing this a 100 scale.

Its still possible in 1/144 scale, but it will require scratch building and kit bashing.

Here this may help you find something that could work.

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While small in size, have you ever looked into the Mini-Pla for the Astro Megazord?

I hadnt, but I wanted to build a gunpla that transformed the same way, not the Astro itself… though given its one of my fav Zords I may try to pic this up

Maybe try looking at Zeta Gundam or Wing Gundam.



The Asshimar is another option.

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And the Anksha.

And for the record, the Asshimar actually transforms; it’s not a partsformer.

I forgot too mentioned that, it’s the reason why I suggested it. Thanks for clarifying it for me.

Not sure if any Gunplas, without heavy modifications, can really transform like Astro Mega Zord in the GIF. Because many of the Gunplas have legs as booster whereas the legs of Astro Mega Zord, from the GIF, were part of its fuselage. The closest in shape would probably be the Asshimar mentioned by @Rxslinger and Anksha mentioned by @CaptainxChar , but their legs were still boosters in MA mode. So you will need to modify whichever quite heavily to change that.