BigBadToyStore Preorders?

So I’m trying to find a good place to preorder some model kits and I’ve found a few that I want on

I’ve heard good things about them, but I’m rather confused at how their preorders work? It seems like the preorder date keeps changing or they say the last or current month. I actually tried to preorder a kit from Amazon once and they never shipped my order. I don’t want that too happen again so I’m wondering.

How does the preorders on work will they ship on the dat they say? Also how are your experience with them, are they a good choice for shopping for model kits?

As far as can remember, only pre-ordered 1 time from them, that was the Masterpiece Convoy (Optimus) 3.0. However, ended up cancelling it because found it on Amazon Japan for slightly cheaper and already available to ship. They actually did not ship the item on the supposed available month, that was also another reason for cancelling it.

Actually have ordered from them some time before and from time to time, but that was probably the only pre-order with them. So cannot really offer too much insight on the pre-ordering.

Pre-ordering from Amazon was sort of a hit-and-miss. Pre-ordered RE/100 Vigna Ghina from them before and by the time it was available, they somehow cancelled the order. :roll_eyes: Had to repurchase, but that was only because at the time, they were the one having lowest price, otherwise, Amazon was not really that great as some said.

As far as packaging goes, they were not that much different than any other. Did purchased few kits from them and one of them did have issue, most likely pre-existing box issue when they received it. If there was an item with grading and you selected “collector’s” grade, they will definitely package it better. But Gunplas, no grading what-so-ever, at least they did not have it last time.

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Ive never pre-ordered from BBTS till now, but one thing is that they don’t charge you until it ships.
I’ve got two kits on pre-order right now, and you have to keep in mind that there’s been a major disruption to the model kits being made and released to the distributors, so release dates may fluctuate. For instance I’ve had a certain Wing Zero 3rd party kit on pre-order since Feb, from a certain USA place :zipper_mouth_face:


I ordered the Deathscythe Rousette from them. Overall it was a great experience, and they shipped it quickly.


If the certain USA store that you mean was the one, then no worries, got 1/60 Mazinger and couple other items pre-ordered March of 2020, and still pending… That was pretty bad, but at least they did still recognize the order and will fulfill when possible, at least that was what they had said.

But yeah, apparently the logistics of things seemed to be getting worse, even as certain ports are being opened. Container prices became higher, shortage of materials, and people not exactly working.

Someone posted on twitter about Tamashii Nation items being delayed. There was someone else posting few posts about plastic and resin shortage. Then there was news, none plastic model or toys related, about one of the main chip manufacturer, TSMC, will increase the chip price by 20% later on. But it might still have impact on many businesses.

Pre-order these days might not be a guarantee anymore, but at least still a chance of getting the item you want when available.

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Yeah, the dates are gonna be an expected issue. I had 5 on pre-order from them that initially said “August 2021” but now my order info says “September 2021”. Sure it sucks, but it’s not like there isn’t a reason for it.

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