Bias towards foreign markets

So I noticed a few users who believed that the poor ratings from sources in the US prevent some of the better products from reaching us. That lead me to think about weather or not this was intentional. Consider a magazine publication, say a video game magazine. They would see more advertisement from american divisions of larger companies like capcom and soney sure,but the majority of their wallet lining comes from ads by publishers representing american based developers. These developers may or may not be able to provide more exclusive content or previews depending on how well a magazine hypes their product, or fails to hype others.

Its not impossible to think that some of the incredibly frustrating reviews I have seen concerning some of my favorite things have been biased due to profit driven agendas. But is my opinion to jaded by my being a fan of a product to know the difference?

For example Im a huge Monster hunter fan. Back in the day G4TV had an xplay episode that gave it a 2 out of 5. They ran around naked and did not upgrade their weapons. They represented the game poorly and claimed it was doomed to fail. This series later went on to sell over 11million copies on the PSP, absolutely dominating that market. I personally have over 500 hours on MHP3 and wore out a psp joystick completely playing it. -then - now

PlayStation Portable games that have sold or shipped at least one million copies.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (4.12 million in Japan)[154]
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (3.1 million;[55] 3.5 million shipped)[55]
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2,725,507 approximately: 2 million in US,[155] 125,507 in Japan,[156] 600,000 in UK)[38]
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (2.59 million approximately; 830,000 in Japan, 710,000 in North America,[157][158] 550,000 in Europe)[158]
Gran Turismo (2.32 million)[111]
Daxter (2.3 million)[159]
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (2.3 million)[55]
Dissidia: Final Fantasy (1.81 million)[134]
Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 (1.32 million approximately: 1.1 million in US,[155] 200,000 in UK,[23] 27,151 in Japan)[156]
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (1.3 million approximately: 1.1 million in US,[155] 200,000 in UK)[23]
Monster Hunter Freedom (1.2 million)[55]
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (1.13 million approximately; 950,000 in US,[155] 100,000 in UK,[20] 80,420 in Japan)[156]
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (1 million)[160]
Tekken: Dark Resurrection (1 million)[161]
Wipeout Pure (1 million)[162]

Considering that the series has retained the same formula and controls that were blamed for the poor ratings, do you think those sale represent a 2 out of 5 star game?

What is your opinion on weather or not our reviewers are sometimes pursuing a monetary goal above fairly reviewing a product? And what other products can you think of that had the same problem?

I am feeling a little bit dizzy today. Everything I comprehended, while I was analyzing your text for its gist, was that a few magazines, reviewers etc. had rated “foreign” video unequally to e.g american

Well, thinking about the example of MH3, one is easily convinced that revierwers intentionally rate foreign as bad. But, I do not know it as a fact.

Think about all the Gundam games that you wont see because, in part they have always had negative reviews.

I’ve been totally convinced by your opinion now. Considering the facts featured in your statement, I am now thinking about not being provided with video games that are hardly sold in America (but sold), as I live in Europe