Better side cutters

I’ve been using Xuron cutters for many, many kits, but I hear that I should upgrade to Tamiya Sharp Pointed Cutters.

What say you?

(I know God Hand ones are even better…but they’re out of my price range.)

Everything that I have read says that they are really good. Reading between the lines they seem to be about the 2nd best you can buy. At some point when I upgrade I’ll either get them or the God Hand cutters.

I have both Tamiya 74035 & God Hands and trust me, you need an upgrade from whatever you have.

Both literally feel like a Hot Knife cutting Butter. I use my Tamiya 74035 to cut them from the Gate & the God Hand to cut them smaller. The difference from my old “Cutters” we’re night and day and it makes cutting them from the gates enjoyable. Plus with my God Hands and I’m sure with the Tamiya as well that you can cut so close to the Part and it’ll be all fine and barely noticeable and would require very minimal shaving/sanding.

Heavily recommend them both and if you can’t do both, the Tamiya is almost as good as the God Hand.

Hmmm, I suggest an upgrade only because your Xurons may be worn out. I’ve used my Xuron for a year and half on numerous kits, including cutting runners with it so when I bought a pair of God Hand Nippers, I noticed a big difference.

I probably need to upgrade. I got my cutters at Hobby Lobby when I 1st got back into Gunpla. Some 2+ years ago. I don’t even know what brand they are.

That’s what I thought at first, but when I recently bought a new pair, they cut the same as the first. Still, looks like I’ll be upgrading to the Tamiya ones after my next paycheck.

Guys, are these the ones you’ve been talking about? The description says it’s for tape, which I can see the benefit of, but will it work for flush-cutting the nubs?

No that’s not the God Hand Nippers that I use at least these are the ones I have.

The one you linked is fairly bigheaded so It’d be somewhat difficult to cut them out of the gate if they are small or positioned weirdly.

It’s a pain to find the Ultimate Nippers but legit worth it.

I think they mean these.

At any rate…I ordered the Tamiya ones!

^ You’ll be happy with those. It often seems to be a toss-up between the two brands. Keep your Xurons handy, though, for any dirtier cutting needs (like runners).

I’ve contacted my high school buddy in Okinawa and sent him on a quest. Hopefully, he gets some results, because the only people I found that had them was a store on AmazonUK :\

I’ve been using these since I started using nippers for my models. They’re meant for wires, but they work perfectly. Flat cut, and they’ve got a grip and good spring too.

I currently use the Tamiya extra sharp cutter. I debated the godhand nippers, but a bunch of my friends have said there’s not a huge difference, especially since you shouldn’t cut right on the part anyway.

I am actually thinking about picking up these Zurons:

I’ve seen reviews stating that they cause almost no stress, and i could always use another pair of stardard cutters for when i dont want to chance damaging my tamiyas.

I got mine from big lots. It was a $5 kit with cutters, screwdrivers, scissors and a hobby knife. They seem to work perfectly for me

Got my Tamiya Sharp Pointed Cutters today, and they are no joke. I barely need to sand now, if at all! The Tamiya/X-acto combo makes the nub marks almost invisible.

Would you say you have just leveled up with the upgrade of those new cutters?

I just use Kobalt side cutters. Got them at Lowes for 5 bucks. Cuts real easy, works fine for me.

More like leveled out. :wink:

Do they leave a nice clean cut?

Yeah they cut great. I use an x-acto knife to get close but to get the piece off the tree they work just fine for me