Best way to cover Gold plated exposed nubs

With the shelter in place order for the Bay area, Looks like I’ll be off work for a few weeks. Thinking about assembling the RG Phenex but there seems be to quite a few exposed nubs on the plated parts. This is my first plated kit so I was wondering what are some of the way to cover them up and make it less visible. Thinking gold paint and clear coat or silver base with clear yellow. TIA for any advises.

You could try a liquid chrome pen and clear yellow.

I’d suggest doing some tests on the runners to see how things will look, compared to the gold.


Yea, will test on runner but was just hoping someone have gone through this before.

I tested the gold Gundam marker GM04 200 on a few sprues

It looks ok, not as shinny.

I ordered some Modo Silver and Gold and E7 Candy orange and yellow.We’ll see how they turn out. Now I have to go find a GM04 marker.

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