Best rattlecans

I’ve got a few Gunpla that will require some heavy paint. Airbrushing is out; long story short, I have neither the money nor the space for it, even with a spray booth. Rattlecans are my only option, but I’d like some advice on the best paints to use. I’ve used Model Master white primer with no problems, but MM paint leaves much to be desired. Too much spattering and orange peel, even after warming the can and using it outside in low humidity with proper technique. Bah!

How are the Tamiya spraypaints? Or would you recommend another brand, perhaps? I’m all ears.

Tamiya Sprays are gorgeous. It literally evens itself out.

If you want a beautiful Flat Black, use Krylon Primer. Rustoleum has very pretty Metallic Gold and Krylon Metallic Silver is phenomenal.

My Astray Blue Frame was all Rattle Cans and I had great results.

To be honest it really depends on the color you want, the brand will likely differ.

I’ll second the Tamiya sprays. I’ve used a few of them in the past with great results. The German Grey on my MG Kampfer was a Tamiya spray can.

Tamiya spray cans are awesome. Be careful with their gloss paints, as if you spray too close they will bubble up.

And another thing, Tamiya Cans are Lacquer so make sure you wear a respirator because I was dumb enough to spray in a terribly ventilated area indoors(our bathroom ._.) and a T-Shirt wrapped around my face.

I was literally breathing fumes. Was terrible lol.

I only spraypaint outdoors. :slight_smile:

Since the Tamiya cans are lacquer (I thought they were acrylic?), will they damage Gundam Marker-painted areas?

Most likely.

Yes they will.

Sadly lol. You can Mask it to avoid it being eaten by the Lacquer

Well…crap. I thought lacquer and acrylics were two separate things. This is all very confusing. :slight_smile:

Yea they are lol, so the hierarchy is pretty much

Acrylic -> Enamel -> Lacquer

Lacquer will eat up Acrylic since it’s a jerk and Enamel is a bro with Acrylics thus the ability to Enamel Wash.

Masking it should keep little Acrylic fine though lol.

Isn’t Tamiya topcoat also lacquer-based, though?

Didn’t even know Tamiya had a topcoat so idk lol.

Gotcha. What topcoat do you normally use over them?

I used Testors Gloss & Dull Coat (Both of which are Lacquer) on my Astray Blue.

Otherwise I almost always use Krylon 1311 Flat Matte for Matte Jobs.

Testors Dull Cote, Mr Hobby Topocat, Mr Super Clear. Pretty much every kind of topcoat works.

I am trying to get my hands on the Mr Hobby stuff. Just expensive, and often out of stock at my favorite shops. Are those acrylic topcoats? It seems all of my paints are acrylic…and almost all topcoats are lacquer…so you can see my dilemma. :wink:

I would put Mr. Hobby topcoat around the Tamiya Acrylic kind-of-paint. It’s an acrylic, but alcohol based.

Hopefully I can find some. I’ve heard bad things about Krylon acrylics. :frowning:

I hear Krylon Fusion is good, though don’t exactly take my word for it. Your best bet for Tamiya paints is eBay, if you don’t have a hobby store nearby that sells them.

I’ve nothing but success from Krylon to be honest.

My 3rd Kit, HG Banshee was painted with strictly Krylon IIRC (Though the Gold might be Rustoleum?)

& same goes with my 2nd Kit, Valvrave Unit 4 Hinowa

So I can’t see how people are having such “big issues” using Krylon :expressionless: