Best Gundam?

Usa Gundam staff is having a debate. Who is the all time strongest Gundam?

That would be the Turn- A Gundam


I agree with Supreme_Gundam. The Turn-A Gundam is probably the most powerful (Way over-powered). The 00 Qant would be a close second though.

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Wing Zero (tv ver)

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The Superior Kaiser/Dragon

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the Turn a will destroy the superior kaiser! sorry lmao :rofl:


Dark Gundam

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The Superior Dragon/Kaiser is literally a god.

I would say the Dark/Devil Gundam is the third strongest Gundam.

And to Quote WackyModder84, straight from the Gundam Guru himself.-

"Superior Dragon / Kaiser is a sole creator of MULTIPLE Universes; the Saddrac World being his main one

But as for a CLIFFNOTES version of his feats?

Things to take into account with what he is capable of:

  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics
  • Reality Warping (Created the Entire Gundam Metaverse Itself)
  • Matter Manipulation (Has an absolute control of all matter within existence)
  • Space-Time Manipulation (Created Time and Space; Has Full Control over the very fabric of Time-Space Itself)
  • Energy Manipulation (Can create, absorb, and govern over all forms of energy on a cosmic scale.
  • Technopathy (Its being is connected with all forms of technology and gundams within the multiverse)
  • Sealing (Can seal away beings into empty worlds)
  • Possession (Can possess several entities at once to manifest itself power)
  • Light Manipulation (Has control over the holy light which can pierce through the Darkness)
  • Non-Corporeal (Its true self is mearly a non-corporeal spirit of light.)
  • Telepathy (Can communicate w/ Entities across the entire gundam multiverse)
  • Time Travel (Can travel to the far future or past)

Long story short, he is a God.
Not exactly the STRONGEST God I’ve seen in Mecha
but a God none the less"

Well that settles it. There is no way that Turn A could stand against Superior Dragon Kaiser. I’ll give my top 5 in order.

  1. Superior Dragon Kaiser
  2. Turn A
  3. QuanT
  4. Devil
  5. Phenex
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The Ideon. :wink:

Actually now that I think about it, they don’t actually call it by that name in Gundam itself but no matter.

Meh i think turn A should be the third strongest cause general zeong was going to destroy the multiverse

You heard me right ;it was going to wipe out all existing parallel universes and alternate Time-Space Continuums within the Gundam Multiverse and assimilate them into it’s being to gain more power,
And it would success if not for superior kaiser stop it

Well this is the list

  1. superior dragon
  2. general zeong
  3. turn A and turn X