Best Gundam Series (Revised)

08th MS Team

in that order.

I wish people would list what they have seen so that I know how to weigh their opinions better.

Anyways, I have seen all of Wing, 08thMS Team, Gundam 00, and a lot of random episodes from other series. So far my favorite series is 08th MS Team. I feel like I have to watch a lot more before I can start forming a valid opinion.

On the other hand I have played quite a few video games. Federation vs. Zion for the PS2 was one of my favorite games, DWG3 reciently as well. My liking of gundams spawned from loving anything giant robot related, and has just starter to turn into a following of the anime.

Apparently, 8th MS Team is appearing on every members list.

Seen list: MSG, Zeta, ZZ, UC, 8th MS Team, Stardust Memory, SEED, SEED Destiny, Wing, 00, CCA.

Fave list: 00, 8th MS Team, Zeta, CCA.

@Kenyon it isn’t gonna apear on my actual list, I liked it but it’s not that high up there, it pretty much just has Grunt bias points.


  1. Zeta
  2. CCA
  3. MSG
  4. Unicorn
  5. 0083
  6. G
  7. 00 S2
  8. 00 S1 (That’s right I said S2>S1 sue me)
  9. ZZ
  10. 0080

TBH 08th MS team would be 11. lol

I’ve seen MSG, Zeta, ZZ, 0080, 0083, 8th MS Team, F91, CCA, Unicorn, G, Wing, X, SEED, Destiny, 00, 00 movie, Endless Waltz, and AGE. Damn near everything, I haven’t seen Stargazer, Turn A, Victory, or Igloo. And techincally those SD series, but I don’t count them.

My top 5 are these:

  1. 00
  2. X
  3. ZZ
  4. G
  5. Wing

Honorable mentions to AGE, SEED Destiny and SEED.

With the exception of ZZ, X (this one i Wish they would dub), Turn A, Victory, the MSG* and Zeta Movie Compilations*, the OO Movie*, And Igloo, ive seen almost all of them, inlcuding Stargazer (I dont care if its only a 3 part OVA, its STILL a must see lol)

*Are these, the MSG and Zeta 3 part movie compilations and OO Movie worth buyin or are they a pass?

Pass on the Zeta movies…besides a different ending (the in the scheme of things wouldn’t change much) and some nicer animation it’s not that great, that and I prefer the voice cast of the TV series.

Same with the MSG movies, not bad but not that great that it’d justify buying them, or IMO even whaching them, unless you where bored and had nothing else to do.

Honesly I haven’t see 00 AoTB.

I’ve seen MSG, IGLOO, 08th MS Team, 0080, 0083, Zeta, ZZ, CCA, F91, Victory, G Gundam, Wing, Endless Waltz, Gundam X, Turn A and have started watching 00.

Turn A and 08th MS Team are still my top 2.

After that:
Gundam X

That’s my top 10. A bit UC biased I suppose, but I make no pretense about my love for the UC series…

Hi, I’m new here. And my favorite Gundam Anime (and the best series that I think) was / is MS08th Team. It just sad that they didn’t go to military style anymore after that. Most of the new series took Gundam Wing Mary Sue approach and make the protagonist like superman.

Gundam Zeta was good, but I think the protagonist involvement to the conflict was not make sense to me. It was so forced. I didn’t watch Gundam ZZ until the end (because of it’s unavailability in my town), and I watch Gundam Victory (not until the end) and it’s quite good. It just the mecha design was horrible.

I didn’t like Gundam Wing at all. For Gundam 00, I like the first season but dislike the second. I like Gundam Seed until the war was not balanced (well basically the Federation were only canon fodder to Coordinators). But I like the thought that they actually mass produces Gundam. Well, think about it. If Gundam was that good, why not make it more. Having 10 Gundam would be better than make 1, isn’t it? in UC, GM was actually Mass Produced Gundam; but why it didn’t have the Gundam head at the end?

Gundam Stardust Memory was good, but I didn’t like Kou Uraki; Gundam X was ok, G Gundam… I don’t like Super Robot. For Gundam Age… well, it is for kid, so I understand why it’s horrible for me; while Gundam Unicorn, I hate Banagher Link. But it cool. At least, Federation has Admiral Revil with her RGZ95C ReZEL type C squadrons. They were cool until destroyed by the godly Full Frontal. Sad

As it has already been ascertained, watching ms08th or the series itself is the most favoured. Nothing disappointing or not satisfying is regularily emphasised, perhaps slightly referred and indicated but that’s not worthy keeping in consideration at all.
To respond to certain complaints : a story resembling with 08th can’t be copied and adjusted to other stories for every trait of 08th ms’ would be totally noticeable, featuring entirely unique plot elements being essential for 08’s story.

Shortendly expressed : 08th features unique parts rarely included in other plots and are therefore easily remarkable.

What I tend to teach you is : Wouldn’t you remember observing shiro annihilate a zaku ( or at least causing its malfunctioning), by hiding on the ground and inflicting damage upon it with an RPG ?
When I destroyed a Gouf in Battle operations in a completely similar way, I immediately did think of him doing the same.

To get Gundam story’s like the 8th MS team you most likely have to look at UC era Gundam side stories that take place around the one year war. Like Lost War Chronicles, Gundam Thunderbolt and so on. Also there some other non one year war side stories too that maybe be like the 8th MS Team. Usually the Gundam side stories have a more military realistic military feel to them.

Well yes, I know about Lost War chronicle, Gundam Origin, Char Deleted File, Blue Destiny, UC Climax etc. But they are not anime, although some of them are definitely much better than the anime ones. I just… well, thinking that One Year War is already too exploited. They need to shift the story into different era.

What do you mean by different era? Another part of the UC era or Alternate Universe Anime?

any of them, as long as it is good.

Then Gundam Manga’s are going to be your best choice like Mobile Suit Gundam École du Ciel and Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record UC 0081 -The Wrath of Varuna. Manga’s like that.

1)Seed/Seed Destiny

Can’t really put anything after that because i’m not a massive fan of the UC era. I’ve watched them but still not that interested and I hate 00 and I haven’t seen Gundam X or Turn A (no interest it this one anyway).

I enjoyed it.