Best Gundam Mechanic

Its been a while since I have seen any new top X questions posted and id been saving this one for a rainy day.

We all have our top picks for best mobile suits and best pilots, but no mobile suit can go without repair and resupply, these diligent nearly unseen support of our favorite heroes act as a backbone to allow the pilots and the units to do great things, so now I ask of you my fellow gundam fans:

Who is your favorite gundam mechanic/engineer

For me the answer is a tie between Astonage(Z, ZZ, CCA) and Mukured Madorna(AGE)

Astonage is supremely skilled and has been the go to guy for multiple mobile suits in his line of work from the Gundam MK2 to the Nu Gundam, and the Rick Dias to the Jegan, this man knows his mobile suits and he keeps em ship shape and ready to go at a moments notice

Mukured Madorna has proven himself to be one of the best mechanics in all of the gundam universe, ontop of doing maintenance to the Gundam AGE 1 and the other mobile suits aboard the Diva for a brief time, he likes to tend to his own collection of highly customized mobile suits from the Madorna workshop that he operates out of. Plus he completely overhauled an entire spaceship to allow it to transform in a matter of days, that is some impressive technical work right there my friends.

Well then, I’m going with Kid Salsamille.
If you’ve seen AW:Gundam X, you know why

OOh I will have to back you up on that, Kid is great. Made one of my all time favorite gundams the X Divider.

Some other great MS engineers you missed are the Vashti family. Ian and Linda are geniuses, and Millena is adorable.

I was just about to say Ian Vashti and his wife… and they helped fight the ELS too

i thought about them. They are pretty much the best gundam mechanic family ever.

I’d have to agree with Kid and the Vashti’s.

Going with kid, the X Divider is a boss.

Though I will throw an honerable mention to Judau Ashta he did keep the ZZ runing for over 50 years after all.

That he did.

This is a good topic i nvr thought about it before…im going with astonage basically hes the one that comes to mind when i think of ms mechanics