Best final battle?

I still haven’t seen Turn A, its on my list and I had the chance to buy it but never did

@katamuro, that’s the best thing about the battle :cool:. Two titans, clashing with each other for the fate of humanity. Not just fake fate, but real fate because the winner decides whether or not everything will be reduced to sand again.

@Psyco Diver, it’s a very enjoyable series, but very different. To me, it has a European feel to it.

Very enjoyable AND different, and that is why it’s so good, because it’s original and unique.

If anyone doesn’t get that then, I pity them, haha

Anyway, I don’t seem to have replied to this yet, so I’ll go ahead and say the best final fight in the entire metaseries (including spinoffs) was the battle between Zechs and Heero in Gundam Wing. In this battle, Heero explained to Zechs why humans are so weak, and that he and Zechs are also weak, because they are humans.

I consider this to be a good battle because it didn’t turn into an argument with each side disagreeing with each other.
In my opinion, this battle was perfect.

Yeah I did like that episode, although seeing Heavy Arms duel Talgeese was kind of neat too.

Altron v Wing Gundam in EW was kind of neat too.