Best final battle?

Whats everyones favorite final fight?

Mine is the final battle of OO S2, the Setsuna and Ribbons fight. The battle lasted nearly a solid whole episode where as in other series it is some fighting and alot of dialog. There was effective back up from both sides which was cool.

My very very close second is the final battle of MSG, given the animation quality of the time, the battle was pretty good I think and stands the test of time even though the animation doesn’t

I was about to say that too but Char VS Amuro in the Chars Counterattack is the one for me. There is just something so final about it. Plus the original UC universe especially the OYW is my favourite.

I can’t deny the final battle of CCA felt pretty damn epic, but it also felt one sided to me

I’m looing forward to the final battle of Unicorn, I just get the feeling it will have a final battle to end all Gundam final battles

True unicorn might be something totally awesome but it also might be something of a letdown. I am still feeling cautious about the whole Unicorn, I like some parts of it and then hate the others. And somehow it still feels that if it was made as a high quality series then it would have been better. How did AGE manage to become a full series when the Unicorn became an OVA. Then again many of the greatest Gundam stuff was actually an OVA like the IGloo ovas, War in the Pocket, 0083 Stardust Memory.

I get what you mean by one-sided, and 00’s end battle was really good but somehow the tone of the CC’s battle(and I include the whole meteor-rainbow thing) felt more final. I just really like Amuro Ray as a character, even Char Aznable before he become a crazy lolicon. It just felt like a the final moments of an era where Amuro and Char the two greatest mobile suits pilots of all time came to blows.

This may not necessarily be regarded as a final fight, however, I’ve always thought of Gundam 0083 EP 13 to be the most exciting one to date.
If I were to choose one, I’d suggest that terrific, final battle of MSG:Z containing Type 100 VS. The O and Qubeley and Zeta Vs. The O

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. Period.

Best Bad Guy rant ever - according to my brother who isn’t even a gundam fan.

Man I forgot about the Kou Uraki. but while he is awesome and all and the fight was very epic it somehow does not hit it with me. But considering both of them were not newtypes it was really awesome.

The final battle didn’t do much for me, but the battle of the GP01 vs GP02 did kick ass in my opinion

Rau makes the final battle more enjoyable! I love his ranting.

I have to say Rau Le Creuset was one fine bad guy. The ending as with the boss fight did not disappoint. I have to say he was one of the finest villains in the GUndam multiverse.

Gundam 00 season 2. Setsuna vs Ribbons had an epic fight. Their powered up suits got badly damage and had to go on with their old suits. Just fine epic.

Kira vs Rau is also a great fight. He’s one my favorite antagonist. I even like him better than Char as an antagonist.

CCA fight was a bit one-sided. Nu overpowered Sazabi. To be honest, I’m not that really impressed with it and how vague the ending was, but still, it’s a great fight.

God Gundam vs Devil Gundam. That Burger King attack was just pure fun!!

I might have to rewatch the ending to SEED because I don’t remember being that impressed, of course I may have had a issue getting by the recycled footage lol

Yeah a major part of why some of the fight scenes in SEED are rated lower by me because a lot of footage is recycled.

Every Gundam series is guilty of recycling footage. Heck Zeta used the exact same footage more times then I care to remember.

True, but its almost expected in a older anime since it was hand drawn frame by frame. While newer anime restocks footage also, SEED restocked footage like it was 1981 again

Oh god why did I forget this. I loved the burger king attack!

Exactly in 80’s even the start of 90’s it was more or less expected to recycle the footage especially in cases like Gundam Zeta, ZZ where animation was done by hand. In SEED where animation is done on computer at least to some degree I would expect for them to at least mask the recycling but it was so easy to see that it did spoil a few moments.

There are a few really good fights in iGLoo especially White Ogre episode but they are really not boss-fights per se.

Eh I just watched the final battle of Seed again, it feels generic to me, seems to be alot like the final battle of Wing with its flow but the main difference is more characters are directly envolved in the battle. It just didn’t do anything for me personally

I’ve been thinking about this and so far, it’s been a tie between two battles: Exia vs. Alvatore/Alvaron and Turn A vs. Turn X. I was going to pick Char vs. Amuro in CCA, but the battle wasn’t really conclusive and was more like an “everybody wins” scenario.

I kinda disregarded the Turn A versus X fight because both of those mobile suits were stupidly powerful. Its like having a boss-fight between two fusion bombs and see which one wins. It was quite epic but it just felt a bit over the top.