Come forth, infidels! Come forth and experience the glory of… BERSERK!


Who of you have seen this? Read this? Lived this?

I’ve been reading the manga through Spectrum Nexus and the next chapter couldn’t come soon enough, even though I know it will probably be a very long time until it does.

It was disgusting, gory, horrific, brutal, perverted, and very disturbing. And I absolutely loved all of it. I’m glad to see that it’s becoming just a bit more gentle too (the manga, I mean).

God I hope it gets brutal again. A peaceful Berserk is like a violent Pokemon. IT SHOULD NOT BE! Where’s the nudity? The orgies? Th just violent gore on black and white page?!

I remember watching the anime and liking it a lot, but at the time I think the video store where I would rent it from didn’t have the whole thing.

As long as the orgies and psychotic brutality aren’t happening to anyone in Guts’ party, I’m cool with it. I kinda got attached to them actually living and surviving.

For Guts himself, well, it wouldn’t be right if he didn’t get sent to the brink of dying again and again. He becomes the true badass whenever that happens.