Beginnings of the ZAK (Zeon Afrika Korps) diorama

The REAL DAK (German AfrikaKorps).
In Oct/Nov of 1942, the Deutsches AfrikaKorps (DAK) under Field Marshall Erwin Rommel was attacked by British General Bernard Montgomery at the town of El Alamein in Egypt, Badly outnumbered and low on supplies, Rommel began a retreat back westward that would eventually see the end of the Afrikakorps in 1943 when it became trapped between American and British forces.
The REEL ZAK (Zeon AfrikaKorps). My diorama will depict what Rommel’s AfrikaKorps might have looked like if they had Mobile Suits. History is repeating itself, and just as Rommel was forced to retreat at the end of 1942, in October of UC 0080 the Zeon AfrikaKorps is also having to retreat from El Alamein.
The pictures show only 3 MS’s, but there will be 4 when it’s finished. All colors and paint schemes are historically accurate.
Yes, that is a (captured) Gundam in “Zeon Green” leading the way. I will be replacing the arms on the Gogg with missile launchers. Note the war-time graffiti on the legs: Long Live Zeon on the left, We Love Char on the right.
Photoes were taken with my ZTE Android phone using my back steps as a background (which actually worked out better than I thought it would).
Enjoy, and let me know what you think. JS

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