Battle Breaker Battlogue: My thoughts

It saddens me DEEPLY that this is what Gundam has turned into: a 30 minute toy commercial! I got into anime to GET AWAY from this kind of shallow, empty, hollowness.
I love the original Universal Century Gundam series (and all follow-ons) because of the complex and realistic plots that involve people who are caught up in a horrible war, and not just a video game to determine who’s the latest (temporary) champion.
Incidentally, I never cared for sports for the same reason: I don’t care who today’s winner is, it’s only temporary until the next time somebody else wins and then gets defeated.
And I am NOT attacking any body who likes this new show. If you like it, great. But I consider it a PALE IMITATION and a sad commentary on what was once the mighty gundam empire (kind of like what the last half of the Roman Empire was like before it faded away into history).
James Staley

So…I don’t wanna come off as attacking you or your opinion but ya do know that Gundam as a franchise is nothing but a series of toy commercials right? That’s why the same old RX-78-2 & Zaku variant number 187 are being made for the new film, & hidden behind the wall of P-Bandai no less. Ever since the franchise’s inception the model kits have always been the priority while story & characters have come second, at best. It’s not like the Universal Century is any different than what the Build Series or any other AU Gundam story are. Just look at Unicorn. So many model kits made of Mobile Suits that got maybe a handful of seconds of screentime, max.

I’m sorry if this sounds mean but I don’t really know what you were expecting when ya saw Breaker. The concept alone is extremely different from the war stories Gundam is known for & that’s because it was made that way on purpose. It’s supposed to be different, it was never trying to be drama-focused like IBO or Zeta. So again, I don’t know why you bothered watching it knowing it was made to be a massive contrast to the franchise’s core & roots. Just sounds like the war stuff is what’s most fun to ya so I say stick with that & Gundam will always be enjoyable for you moving forward.