Barbatos mg battle damage

So I watch a YouTube video “ray studio” on how he did his battle damage snow covered barbatos. And I loved it. In his videos it looks that something reasonable and I thought I would give it a go. Previous to this I would only make models with weathering effects but never battle damage.

I learn a lot from this build.

  1. I regret the battle damage on the head. It is too much and takes away from the model. I wouldn’t do it like that if I could do it again
  2. I thought it would be next to do the chest damage like claws where as ray did one single large rake across the chest. Ray’S effect is much better.
  3. I dry brushed the entire inner frame. I think that was not needed. Ray only did some.

I learnt many other things as well but those were the major lessons. The materials and tools I use mainly the same as what Ray’s video was. But he ultimately did more advance things, including so really customs techniques.

If you type snow barbatos you will find his video easily.


I think this looks amazing. You did some stellar work here!


thanks. much appreciated.

You should he proud of yourself a lot of people wont even attempt to weather a kit, let alone do battle battle damage. Keep you the good work.

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It looks good, I might try some weathering and battle damage on mine cause I had one of the vents for the side of the face fall while I was sanding it and it fell into the void so I’m still considering it, been looking for almost a month now

I think that would be a great idea. the frame of the Barbatos is really unique and i am sure you could make something great with that idea.

there is a part replacement site. i looked into it once but i remember it being quite expensive, regardless for my model i learnt alot doing this kit, if it is also your first time i am sure you will gain much experience with it.

Yeah I feel like if I had several kits with crucial missing pieces it might be worth it but for a single side of the face vent that I can just turn the head and you’ll never know it’s missing the replacement service doesn’t appeal to me. Absolute worst case I could scratch build it out of plaplate if I really wanted. I’ve done some weathering and battle damage on some kits but I’ve never gone heavy handed like I will for the barbatos.

be sure so show us some pics when you are finished.

Wow! Looks so good!

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