Bandai..! Why can't we have PG Tallgeese

A PG Tallgeese would be really cool

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And though a PG Tallgeese would be awesome. I don’t think the Tallgeese was popular enough for Bandai to consider it. Which is sad, cause I love the Tallgeese.


Actually, same can be said to all the other MS, why was there no PG xxxxxxxx…

Not sure what the factors were, but fairly certain it has to do with popularity as thwalker13 mention, along with cost of development, advertisement, production, and distribution. So if it was not popular enough and cannot sell well enough, they most likely will refrain from consider producing it.

Another thing, with the exception of the Zakus and Eva-1, pretty much all the PG have been Gundams and sort of “core” MS in certain series, even if it was from MSV like Red Frame. Unfortunately, Tallgeese was not a Gundam…so… Maybe they will make one, who knows, they are planning 1/100 Calamity after all these years and MG Ginn will be on the way, so there is definitely possibilities.

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I’m still holding out hope for a PG Sinanju.


That would at least be a good idea for a PG. They could use roughly 80% of it to make a PG Sinanju Stein as well.

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Thank you guys for the welcome, I have been a huge fan of the Tallgeese. The reason I suggested for PG Tallgeese was I was imagining a custom build of a perfect grade Tallgeese to a LEO. Then I remember, the Tallgeese is bigger than any mobile suit in that series, and then I imagine how tall would it be compare to a PG Wing Zero…

With that being said, I think it would feed my imagination to build a Leo out of the MG Tallgeese because the size of that Tallgeese kit is matching the other MG counter parts, which should have been a little bigger per Zex Merquise…

I have a knock off of the Tallgeese III laying around. And I have considered a time or two turning it into a Leo, and doing a diorama of it being obliterated by another Wing kit.

Hey, no stealing ideas. :laughing:

Thought about doing similar thing and turn MG Tallgeese into Leo few months ago. But have not been able to find one at good price or good stock since then.


Tbh a lot of people had this idea, including myself. If I could find a second TG1 I would make one myself. Lol.

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