Bandai should be ashamed of MG Unicorn 1.0

Hi everyone, Jessica here. I have been reading this forum for a while but it seems nobody has ever criticized the MG Unicorn. Let me be the first person then!

As arrogant as it may sound, Bandai should discontinue producing the POS MG Unicorn until there are remedies to improve articulation and stability for a version 2.0. This is the best pose of my FA Unicorn. Guess how many parts were glued? Let me go through my way of building this bulky block.

MG Unicorn is a catastrophe regardless of the variant you have because they all share the same frame. Bandai should consider the HG approach selling Unicorn and Destroy mode separately. Generally you do not need to glue anything if Unicorn mode is what you want because it is the default mode upon completion. However, if you plan to transform it to Destroy mode, I recommend strongly to LOCK the following.

  1. Shoulder - Gluing E12 is compulsory to avoid it popping off from the chest connector part during transformation.

  2. Destroy mode lock - Exposing the pyscho frame of the waist is achieved through pulling the chest piece upward. The circled part is supposed to serve its function to lock the chest from ‘de-transformation’ (sliding down) but obviously it is only a decoration.

  3. Knee - Should this knee part not glued as indicated, there will be a gap at the site of connection. Besides, it may also detach when the leg is bent.

  4. Waist connection - Experiencing first hand the nightmare to disassemble everything just to glue H7 (which is a connection piece that the chest is plugged into) after adjusting the chest angle, I cannot afford to trust the construction manual any longer. You need H7 to attach to the waist as firm as possible, which is particularly important for FA Unicorn and Phoenix, both of which bear massive weight on the back.

  5. Wrist - A consequence of not using glue on both parts? The wrist will detach from the forearm after mounting all the weapons on the arm but this should not be a concern for a base Unicorn.

  6. All weapons - Don’t forget to glue every part of any weapons that you think there is a possibility to fall off! I would love to share in detail about FA Unicorn but at this moment, I have no clue where its construction manual is. As a general rule of thumb, glue the grip of beam magnum to the hand! The beam magnum also cannot hold its magazine securely meaning that glue is your friend again!

Although all pictures were taken from the construction manual of Banshee, the situations described above apply to all Unicorn variants. If I miss anything, please feel free to add. For those of you who do not have a MG Unicorn but considering to get one, I hope my post will at least bring some discouragement, at least for a second! Sometimes I wonder whether anyone in the development team has ever tried to test-build the Unicorn before its release for sale??

Will the MGEX version be better? I don’t know because I do not have one; let alone the lack of intention to buy it. The MGEX is nothing more than a robbery. $200+ for a MG?? Anyone has the RG version of FA Unicorn? I can only imagine how demoralizing it is to experience the same problems while working on smaller parts, assuming the design is similar, if not the same.

While I don’t personally own the RG Unicorn, I’ve heard that it is far better, and far more stable than the MG.

I have a friend who did an HG banshee norn…oh lord…the fiasco that was this kit…armor popping off, hands going walkabout(he still hasnt found the right hand…I call the machine mr lefty now), and my personal favorite…a beam saber part ended up twanged straight up into a drop ceiling panel(we have no idea how this happened either).

personally I think a PG scale kit would be better(is there one in this scale) as larger parts in my experience tend to behave more readily. (rg exia vs mg exia…mg exia was a JOY to build…rg exia…no joke here, I hypodermic’d the v-fin into my own bloody index finger)

I have refused to buy a MG Unicorn of any kind for years. I have numerous HGs of it, and I have the RG Banshee. I must say that though finicky. The RG Banshee is superior in every aspect to the HG. I have seen a few reviews of the MGEX Unicorn, and if I were to buy a MG Unicorn. The MGEX would be it. However, I agree with Raider. PG is where it’s at.

The HG Unicorn (Destroy Mode) looks really good, but it’s a frustrating build.

Nothing against your or anything, and sorry to say, you probably was not the first to complain, have issue, or simply dislike the MG Unicorn, and its variants. Unfortunately, when the forum migrated to the current way it is now, it has lost good years of posts. So some time since the release of MG Unicorn Ver Ka and variants, someone should have posted something about annoyance with it(them). But you most likely was the first one on the new forum to wrote about it, probably.

While did not build or have a built MG Unicorn Ver Ka, did acquired a MG Banshee sometime last year. Think it was the OVA version, not too sure at the moment as it have been stored away.

Totally agreed with you about the waist and knee portions. In fact, as you mentioned, the kit was okay in Unicorn mode, but when beginning to transform it into the Destroy mode, it begun to fall apart. The waist would definitely came off no matter what. The knee part(s) often do not click in correctly and will fall off at times.

Granted, there were changes and improvements made to the later versions, HD, OVA, Full Armor, and the Banshees and Phenex, but all of the problems with the MG Unicorn and the variants, unfortunately, were stemmed and inherited from the MG Unicorn Ver Ka.

Supposedly, the MGEX one have been redesigned, but judging from Dalong’s review, there were still problems of the waist and knees parts, just a bit different from the original. As for the price of MGEX, the high cost was definitely due to the LED system. For whatever reasons, Bandai think their LED systems should cost more than anything, even the one that you can use for MG F91 Version 2.0 cost ~$20 for 2 simple LED with a battery holder.

Hopefully Bandai can forego with the hot mess that is/was Unicorn and moved focus to other MS such as MG Blue Destiny or even RE/100 would do.

Sadly I have a feeling bandai is going to milk the unicorn design for a very long time. I do agree that it would be nice of the focused on something else like a MG Blue Destiny and a 2.0 of the suits from the 8th ms team would be nice too.

Yep, though for few years now, still not sure why Unicorn was they cash cow. Watched the 7 episode OVA, have not yet tried to watch the 22 episode one, and it was just alright, but definitely need to try to watch 0079 and/or Char’s Counterattack to understand what the story was referring to in certain parts.

Watched the Narrative too, and again, it was just alright. Do leave some questions such as “how did the he**…”, welcome to fill the ** with whatever wished, not wanting to spoil it for anyone that have not watched it yet and this thread is not really for discussing the OVA and the movie.

While 2.0 redesigns are welcome, depends on how they reworked the kits though, and might be alone on this, but personally thought that the MG 08th MS Team kits seemed to held up fairly well for almost 20 years old designs. They do have their flaws and definitely can benefit from some of the things they did to the HGUC counterparts as well as new gimmicks, but for pre 2.0 kits, they fare quite well compared to the Unicorn kits.

I agree the MG kits for the 8th ms team have held up well for their age. That being said it would be kinda pointless making a MG Blue Destiny on that frame. Sadly I doubt we will see as a 2.0 either. Maybe Bandai will do a Ground Gundam 1.5 giving it similar improvements to it articulation like the did with the Dom 1.5 and they will a 1.5 frame to make a MG Blue Destiny.