Bandai 1/72 VF-25F Macross Frontier WIP

This is an old kit but I just recently got back into building models. I warmed up with the MG 00 Raiser and then helped a friends’s son build his first fully painted Gunpla and now I’m starting on this.

Dlinker had warn me that this is a fairly complicate kit so I’m taking things slow. After a bit over 5 hours, I have the nose, head, both hands and one leg done. (cut, sand, polish and assembled, not painted).

and I have already ran into my first potential problem. I Googled up some old build blogs and see the same problem. They are all center around all the Black pieces on the kit like the crotch and the small fins/stabilizers. The crotch require the use of sticker or decal to give it white sides. See picture:

and the fin/stabilizer also have white and red sticker/decals. The problem is that the decals are so thin that the black will come through and it would not match other decal of the same color place upon white surface. See here:

This builder used decals. I wonder if the Stickers are thicker and will mask the black underneath. Have anyone else built this in the past and what was your solution? Since I’ll be painting the kit. It probably won’t be a big problem as I can white prime the decal area before applying the decal or just actually paint them instead of using sticker/decal.

When I built my 1/72 VF-25 Ozma, I tried out the decals and got the same result. Painting them might be your best option. While the stickers do work, they’re pretty difficult to apply because they’re wrapping over curves and angles.

Finally got the initial build done late last night (about 10 hours). Here’s a few pics from this morning.

I did not realize that the wing shoulder area are made up of all those small pieces. It’s going to be hell to get them all leveled and lined up in fighter mode (what I was planning on displaying this as). Especially once all the decals goes on. I’ll have to make sure to get them on securely with protective top coats so I won’t damage them while getting all the pieces to line up.

I also did not realize that there is nothing but friction holding the legs up in place. As you can see in the one of the pictures. One leg is not staying up as high as the other. I have not try pushing it up more as it was late already. Will try to get things lined up better when I get home. I also have not tried transforming this. May give it a go before I take it apart just to get a feel of how it goes.

Next up will be the Super Parts. Hopefully I’ll get the initial build done during the week and then have everything taken apart and proceed to prime and paint this weekend.

That’s a lovely bird there, even without the decals and colors. Kudos to getting the initial build complete.

My Ozma was the same way for the legs. Unlike the figures, there aren’t any locking areas to keep the legs in place. Also, lining up everything is an absolute nightmare so expect to end up using some kind of adhesive to hold everything together. Even the figures don’t line up properly when transforming to jet mode. The joys of over-engineered products, haha.

Well. It looks like Superparts to the rescue. A few of the pieces cover up the wing shoulder area so the thing may look OK in Fighter mode without having to spend hours to get everything lined up.

Very cool looking. It’s hard to believe it transforms. So are you going to paint it up in a custom color scheme or original?

How are the Super Parts for you? I found them to be somewhat fragile on mine.

They indeed do a good job hiding some hard-to-align areas, though. Only reason I keep mine with the Super Parts on.

Sweet build! I am dreading painting mine, good luck on this! The Super parts really make this kit shine imo. Lost 2 of my thrusters though. ;_;

Since I just recently got back into building kits. I think I’ll stick mostly with the standard color for now. I saw on eBay that you can get the de-culture decal set on their own. I may pick up a set or 2 and try it on a later kit since I also have the 25S, G and RVF, a Full armored 25F and a 25F Tornado.

On a side note. I was just browsing HLJ last night to finally get a VF-27 Lucifer and it seems that Bandai is making another run on the Macross Frontier kits as a lot of kits are listed as Sept re-stock. Even the long dis-continued Action Base 1.5 SMS version is available for pre-order. The only thing that I did not see coming back is the Superparts but you can just get the Super version kits. If anyone is interesting in this series and want to get some kits at regular price (instead of the inflated ones on eBay). This may be a good time to do it.

Did not get to the Superparts last night but I did go through the manual and parts. Seems you have to replace some of the original pieces to provide attachment points for the varies parts. I’ll probably just build the individual parts and prep the replacement pieces and then do the final attachments after painting the kit.

Yeah, you have to replace some parts to make room for the Super Parts versions. It took me a while to realize that after the build, haha. I kept wondering why there were so many parts left on the runners.

I’ll probably pass on the other Frontier kits, though. I have the 1/60 Renewal VF-25 Alto and Michael Custom as well as the YF-29 and they round out my desires. Now, if Bandai decides to update the engineering on the kits to match the figures, then I’m going to buy a VF-27 kit right away since I missed out on the Renewal VF-27.

I read some review that the Full Armored version have been re-tooled or the Armor part was designed with helping locking all the pieces in place in the varies mode. I’ll have to look closer at the kit that I have and see if I can see any difference. If that is the case, I might pick up the Full Armored VF-25S also. I’m also hoping that the Tornado kit was designed better but won’t find out till it gets here since it’s in the same package as the GP-01, hopefully later this week.

Look at this build of the VF-25S Full Armored.

That guy seems like he went through hell and back to get the kit completed and it’s an awe-inspiring result. Very interesting about how it has locking mechanisms. Curious about the hip lock, though. The Super Messiah kit has a weak mechanism that loves to detach compared to the Renewal figure’s metal locking bar.

I got started on the Superparts last night. Got most of it done after about 3 hours.

Dlinker: you said that some of the Superparts seems fragile. Which parts are you talking about? So far they looked OK. The only thing that concerns me is that if I don’t use the sticker/decal. There will be a lot of pieces with 2 colors that I would have paint. Thanks god for the Mech9 Color translation. At least I think I got all the color I need to mix the right color for the 25F. I’ll probably have to order more color to get the mix right once I move onto the other kits.

Be careful with the thrusters. The plastic is a bit brittle imo. I broke 2 of them and lost 2 of them. :confused:

I second Squee’s warning on the thrusters. One of mine looks to have an obvious crack, but I can’t feel it. The thigh/hip armor pieces for the intake might be frail too. Mine cracked when I put a bit of pressure to put it on.

You mean the smallest of the gold color thrusters? There are like 8 of them? I have not cut those off yet so I’ll pay more attention when I work on them tonight. I’ll also keep the hip armor thing in mind when I put them together after painting.

For me, the cracked look was on the big thrusters. I thought it was just outside, but I can see it inside too.

I see the crack lines in the big thrusters and they went all the way through from the outer surface to the inside. But it’s seems that the line was fuzed together as you can’t get any movement at the crack line. I finally finished the Superparts. Here’s a few pictures with the main booster on the wing and a few of the extra pieces just laying on the fuselage.

I actually got this done on Thursday and was planning on taking it apart to paint this weekend but I loaned all the airbrushing equipments and supplies to my friend’s son. He wanted to go back and paint a few of the Gunpla that he built un-painted. I was just going to take the my kit over and paint but it turns out they are heading outta town this weekend and I couldn’t get there before they leave to pick my stuff up. So with nothing else to do. I start this:

Super Parts are looking great and it looks like you didn’t lose any thrusters or parts in the process.

How snugly do those big sections fit on the wings? I find mine to be pretty loose.

Lastly, poor 00 Raiser, sitting in that plastic container looking ignored, haha.