Ban The Person Above You!

A forum game as old as forums themself! I’m surprised it’s not here yet. The rules are simple; give an excuse to “ban” the poster above you, and keep it going!

Example: Banned for not having enough model kits.

Have fun~


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Ban for being a SD Gundam fan.


I knew that would be it, pffffff.

Banned for giving too many helpful tips!

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You walked right into it

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Dai the person below you

Banned for being a feddy. SIEG ZEON!

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Banned because you’re dusty - get a feather duster!

Banned for being a witch.

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Banned for bearing the Number of the Beast.

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Banned for being shady!

Burn for being a witch. I meant ban yes that’s what I meant

Banned for a repeated offense, be more creative next time~!

Banned for being a temptress… oh wait… it’s Tempest… move a long then. :stuck_out_tongue: