Back to the basic - old HGUC RX-78-2

Untitled by dj898
Untitled by dj898

With the never ending new kits released by Bandai and more and more detailed kits we are spoiled with choices. However, it’s good idea to do the old kit from time to time - not to make myself to suffer but to see if I can digest and use things I learn into the kit building. Thus this old grand daddy of HGUC kit from way back.

This is built OOB as you can see. I’m happy that the colour scheme is done as per my liking. But it certainly is challenging with this small kit and my ever creasing eye sight. I think I should stick with 1/100 as minimum and 1/60 if my wallet allows me. :slight_smile:


He looks great and I know what you mean about failing eyesight, I got my first set of glasses a few months back, not bad for 49 I suppose. I have just got a few EG kits to try my skills on.

Cheers RPC.