Back to building!

I picked up this Spiegel in 2002 in a Toys R Us in Japan and quickly built him but never painted the figures. Once I got back to the states, he went in storage for over 10 years and I finally was able to bust him out again and I finally got around to painting Schwarz Bruder and Rain Mikamura. Any tips on how to make him better?

Oh man that looks great. Damn nice. This is the MG right?

Yeah, Fighting Action MG.

I wish I could paint my figurines like that… Good Job!

Thanks! It took me a long time, the eyes were very difficult and I had to go buy a magnifying glass at Lowe’s.

You have some talent man. I still haven’t painted my Master Asia that came with my MG Master Gundam.

How to make the figures look better or the kit? Because the figures look really good already.

Yeah the actual kit itself. I don’t know what else I can do with the figures besides some shading and outlining.

Wow. Those figures looks great, Must have taken a bit of time.

Joining the chorus of complimenting the figures’ paint. That looks damned professional!

U know what figure they should have made for this kit? A little 1/100 domon kashu with his sword blocking so you can pose the Shadow Gundam like he was in the scene where Kioji taught Domon how to use the hyper mode.

Did you have prior experience painting figures? Possibly 40K? Because you had me fooled with the Rain figure, I thought it came like that and didn’t realize till looking at Schawrz’s V fin that it was painted.

Very good job, I mean seriously.

Maybe clean up the panel lining a bit since it looks kinda thick? Other than that, it looks like clean OOB build.

Thanks! I haven’t painted anything since early 2000 when I had all the Gundam Wing kits painted but unfortunately they all got stolen. You just need the right brushes and a steady hand I guess.