B6Drew's WIP thread

hey guys i’m new here haha and thought my first post would be a WIP thread. I used to build kits when i was younger (7-8 years ago) and recently got back into it only to realize i massacred my old kits (the nubs looked like i just tore them off the sprues, no cutting!). so the plan is to try and salvage some of my older kits, try and make them look pretty while building new kits. (i’ll post the kits i already salvaged in the ego zone/finished kits section)

so lets start off with my current obsession. 144th Kshatriya

and then there is this guy haha not sure what to do with him right now but, i thought he could use some more weapons.

Welcome to the forums good sir. The Kshatriya is looking really good. And so is the Bearguy. What are you using to paint the Kshatriya? Rattle cans or an airbrush?

thank you! glad to be here. i’m using rattle cans, used tamiya’s black and german grey, the purple i hand painted using citadel’s naggaroth night purple.

Kyshatria with that color?

Takes his Zeonic Cap off

My hats off to you sir. Gold and black work well with one another, especially if the gold is a dull Brass (which is what im seeing lol) Bravo sir lol

thanks man! forgot to mention the gold in my last post, tamiya’s rattle can gold.

hey, don’t sell yourself short sir. you have some helluva talent. Raw Talent mind you, but its gradually getting polished. Keep it up man, youre doing fine, right up there with Lupus*.

*A moderator who is a TRUE master of Gunpla work. just look It up trust me youre getting damn close to his level…seriously.

thanks man, don’t inflate my ego more i might explode with glee haha

Still, you do possess talent. If you truly wish to be a Gunpla master, then come with me. You’ve been entrusted with the Gunpla of the past and undergone training not unlike Pro-builder, now that you have exhibited the power of you can never go back to being a part of that everyone. One day you run head long into the fun that we have discovered.

If you don’t get it, it’s from Gundam UC episode 6 where Full Frontal has a “talk” with Banagher in the Nahel Argama’s hanger.

i remember that episode haha

i got a little bit more done today. i always seem to get in the “mood” to model late into the day and i end up not getting very much done haha. i forgot to mention that i ordered some 3rd party parts for kshatriya before i started painting so until those parts come in i won’t be able to finish kshatriya. anyways here is what i got done today!

yup… a shoulder, lower part of a leg and a foot lol

Very nice looking. The muted color scheme works really well.

Looks like great process so far and your color choices are unique. What do you mean by 3rd party parts?

i heard about an add on kit that replaces the binders/wings with more detailed ones that even have a moving center piece and it comes with more detailed arm guards and bigger thighs for the kit.


Besides the binders I really can’t tell a difference in the body parts. Though it would be a really cool addition to the kit. Certainly make it that much more unique. And add in your cool color scheme that you’d have a really cool kit.

Wow, very interesting add-on kit. I think I need to start digging through eBay and see what stuff can be found. This is the first time I’ve heard of this particular item.

Can’t wait to see how this turns out for you.

So far so good with the Kshatriya. So will it be a partially painted project?

Looking good, definitely looking to see more kits from you

add-on kit came in today so i got some more done today :smiley:

customized 1/100 HG Deathscythe hell’s beam scythe for kshatriya to use. nothing too crazy just used the left over parts from my MG redframe to add a vent and some blades onto the beam scythe

they sent me some freebie metal effect parts for the binders but, i don’t know how to install them so i’m just going to use the parts that came with the kit

i’m hoping to finish it tomorrow.

my review of the add-on kit so far is i like it although the plastic feels softer/cheaper but, sturdy enough not to be super fragile. i’m also seem to have 3 extra sets of thigh pieces and one pair of arm pieces haha.

Very nice. Where did you get the Custom Beam Scythe? id love to have one of those lol

i stole it from my old 1/100 HG deathscythe hell haha then sanded and cemented some left over pieces from my MG redframe onto it to give it more detail.