B-Club GINN parts

Apparently B-Club made a weapons set for the High Grade Mobile GINN, but I can’t even find it.

Does it even exist? If it does, can it even be found?

Considering it’s B-Club, I highly doubt they can be found. B-Club makes resin kits and the molds only last for so long. If you do find it, then you are one lucky S.O.B…

Well I don’t even know if it exists, it was only mentioned in a review from 2003 of the HG GINN. And you know how Bandai is.

Is there any way to figure out just what B-Club has made over the years?

http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10031542 - this one?

Most B-Club stuff is both rare and expensive. You might want to watch on Mandarake in case a set comes up.

I have one B-Club conversion kit and it ran me about $100. Nevermind the normal kits I’ll need to build it… when I finally feel up to the task.

I think that was it. Pretty sure they made the big beam gun too.

But I guess nobody bothered to re-cast these bits.

Not that I know of – probably a combination of low-demand plus low-return if they did-- not worth the time, literally.

Well while we’re on B-Club, has anyone made a recast of the Efreet Custom conversion kit? B-Club did a handful, but none recently, and Bandai seems unwilling to give us any Efreet in plastic form.

Have you checked E2046 or HobbyFan? Or possibly Tatsu Hobby, but they don’t have a terribly large selection of resin kits in comparison.

I’ve heard e2046’s recasts are some of the lowest quality of any site out there, so I think I’ll avoid them…

I was kinda bumd that these can’t be found anymore or are scarce. I came upon the one for the HGUC Gelgoog to convert it to the Gelgoog HMT Kai and was interested in it.

Whoa, thread from 10 years ago.

Anyway, you can probably still find them occasionally on Yahoo Japan auction or Mercari, but only once in a while…


I picked up a original b-club 1/100 Hevy Arms and Gm Sniper 2 conversion kit for around $100 shipped on Buyee. There are some good deals every once in awhile