Okay so this isn’t really a game so much as it is just something cool to do.

Whenever you build a new kit, set an SD version of it as your avi, and a funny or famous quote from it’s pilot.

It’s just something fun to do, and I’m going to keep at it, so expect my avi to change a lot!!

Try to have fun with it!

I WIN! I HAVE AN SD AMATSU AS MY AVVIE! Was the last kit I built too.

I also have never changed my avvie, and never will.

But, I say I win your game. Actually, I won your game several months ago, before I went into your mind and incepted it.

sorry man but my avatar and signature usually reflest whatever show i most recently watched (or whichever one i am obsessed with at the moment)

Which is funny, because I have never seen a scolipede gundam. Let alone an SD version.

I take it that means right now you’re obsessed with Exia and Atsraea.

Meh, anything 00 in general. Mostly Exia, I just wanted to point out the obvious about the Astrea

I am glad there is no scolipede gundam because pokemon black and white should not be mixed with something as awesome as gundam.

well sorry to dissapoint you RX-78-2 but there has already been a gundam pokemon crossover

Well I hate sinnoh also but at least it is not unova.

True true I have to agree

Hell yeah, I can agree with Gallade Gundam but FUDGE the other one.