Avatar Trouble

I keep trying to add an avatar but it just says “not a valid file.” I know that the number of pixels are under the maximum. What should I do?


It worked. Thanks thwalker!

What type of file are you trying to use? I know that JPEG is a supported type. And PNG should be as well.

PNG. Or tiff. Maybe I should try to change the file type. Thanks!

I see you were able to get working. Awesome!

I did, thanks!

Now I’m having avatar trouble. I’ve changed my avatar, and keep coming up smaller than what it should. The forum rules specify a 120x120 limit on avatar size. However the note underneath the browse function says the limit is 80x80 or 19.5kb. And some avatars are much larger than this around the forum. Anyone care to elaborate?

What’s the file size on the pic you want to use? The one I’m using is at 6KB so maybe file size does play a factor.

The one I have set now is 13.4kb. Below that of the limit. You think the larger the file the smaller the image maybe?

Hmmm, it could be. However, I did notice the one you’re using now is a gif. Is that how you want it to be? Or is it possible to try it out as a .jpg?

I checked out Kenico’s avatar pic, which is bigger than mine in terms of pixel size (it’s at 180 x 135) but at nearly the same file size and it’s a .jpg as well.

I was trying different file types to see if one varied from the other. I’ll get on my laptop tonight (which has Photoshop) and see if I can make one that is around 6kb. Maybe I can get lucky.

Edit: Well that didn’t work. Tried it with paint. Still takes a 90x120 image down to 60x80. Grrr…

Strange. Does that happen for any image file you use?

I have a suggestion, try manually cropping your avatar, and if it’s too large, you can reduce it. I use Paint.NET for this, it works fine.

It’s free, btw

Yep. Doesn’t matter what it is. I’ve tried multiple different images. They all do it. No matter what they are. I found a thread while searching the forums where the admin states that he increased the limit of pixels to like 150x150 and the file size to 30 or 50kb. So I don’t know what’s up with it.

Sounds like it’s something on the forum then, if it happens for any image you use and everything you do on your end in terms of re-sizing and what-not doesn’t have any effect.

I’ve contacted the admin. So we’ll see what the verdict is.

I believe it’s because of your new promotion. If you look at your fellow Moderator’s avatar, the dimensions are about the same. I think it serves to distinguish you from the regular members. Well that’s just my observation. I’m sure the Administrator can clarify.

I actually hadn’t even considered that at all.

That makes incredible sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the case. And if so, I believe someone deserves a cookie, haha.

No kidding. Might have to have my wife bake one up.

Chocolate chip would suffice.