Attack On Titan

Well after constantly hearing about this anime and how amazing it is I gave it a shot! I must add that I truthfully do not like subbed anime it is just my preference! However this anime is just amazing! The hype is well worth it! Well that’s it just my two cents!

Team Four Star has already started a abridged version, I will admit it looks good enough I may start watching it too

Oh yeah the TFS Abridged one is hilarious! The show is fantastic I’ll have to post some of my SNK art on here now that I know other people watch it.

Loved SNK. Man I miss waiting every sunday for an ep. Started watching because of the opening, and also because a Pinoy subbing group released a gag sub of the first ep of the show. It got me interested enough to watch the actual anime.

I really hope they make a second series or I am gonna be heartbroken.

Don’t worry the download thing you have to download is 100% safe, the game is fun as hell, closest to real titan action you can get, amazing for a F2P fan made game. Easy to learn hard to master, and if a Titan gets you, you’re dead.

Great series anime and manga both. I couldn’t put the manga down when I started it.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading but I had to process it to continue. I highly recommend it to anyone.