Attack on Titan

Has anyone seen this or read the manga? It seems to be popping up everywhere and it looks interesting. From what I read is there are giants attacking humans and in order to survive humans have built castles and reverted to a more medevil style of living

Yeah, its mere existence and the hype is going on my nerves.

A really good anime, i recommend it.

Actually my brother and his friends are currently watching this series. No idea what’s about, just heard about it.

Why is EVERYONE hyping up about this show?

Looks like I have to go watch it now.



Let’s take the step together! Let’s walk into a brand new frontier as not Gundam fans, but Attack on Titan fans! We can do it!

Not a single chance.

I’ve got a huge “to-watch” list.

So do I, but hey, this series could be the next Naruto or One Piece or whatnot. Besides, everyone’s talking about it. (I lol at that)

That’s one of a few reasons why I couldn’t care less.

Because it’s the next One Piece or because everyone’s talking?

If it’s everyone’s talking, I know how you feel… that kills it for me too.

I’ve recently viewed a video about 2 men attending the comic con. They were asking cosplayers what anime to watch and they all advised to watch attack on titans.
Like … seriously? Wouldn’t you recommend watching the anime you are cosplaying a character of ?

Attack on titan? Seriously? Have you forgotten about all the other anime shows? That’s what upset me most.
There are so many good anime shows and the only thing you can think of is a new one?

As for me in person, I’m not a fan of the designs either.

Look at him. Does he look to you like someone to beat up some human-eating ginats ?

If it weren’t for the hype, I’d not rant that much about it.

I’ve been watching it since it started airing (On no one’s recommendation, I simply found it listed.) and it really is pretty decent. I’m not going to sing its praises as the second coming of Christ or anything, but as far as the current anime season is concerned, it’s one of the better shows.

I just saw the first episode for free on crunchyroll and it was awesome, It made my jaw drop. If you get a chance and 24 mins to kill check it out, I highly recommend it

New episode airs today

butthurt so strong wow, doge amused

Doge woof butthurt 2

D, you just opened a can of worms.

Ya know, If you hate the main character so much, you should watch it. Its actually really funny.

All the characters are crying allt he time, and they always have the “Scared shitless” expression. Plus the storyline is unique and interesting.

I dont get it?