Asu E, Asu E... (Master Grade AGE-1 and AGE-2 review and photos)

These were worth the wait. Particularly the AGE-1, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll talk about these kits in the order I received them.
The AGE-2 is pretty good. The design definitely needs to be seen either in action or in Model form to get a liking for it (ESPECIALLY when compared to the thing it emulates, the Zeta Gundam), but the concept of shoulder wings actually looks pretty cool. It has good articulation, good decals, and, of course, a spoiler. However, it suffers a bit from its Hyper-DODS rifle being heavy and the legs being hollow for the transformation. I’ll probably display Asemu’s AGE Gundam with its beam sabres rather than the rifle.

AGE-1 on the other hand has no right being this fantastic. Like the AGE-2 it comes with what you saw in the anime series (DODS rifle, shield, beam sabre and Flit figurine), but it also features superior stability, a design you can fall in love with from just one look at it, cool gimmicks in the wrists, a slight redesign featuring cool grate-like vents taken from its depiction in the show’s first ending sequence (in which the AGE-1 caresses Flit and his love interest) and, the big one, a SURPRISINGLY EASY AND QUICK BUILD. I can see why this kit would’ve received backlash for the build, but in my opinion, the quick build actually makes this kit more than the sum of its parts. I managed to complete the head and torso in a night, and then finished off everything and applied select decals TODAY! That’s how easy and quick this is (barring the cockpit assembly).
Seriously, what is it with the three Gundam shows from the 2010s getting great kits of their first lead suits (AGE-1 from AGE and Barbatos from Iron Blooded Orphans)? I’m so glad that this year marks a new rollout for the AGE kits because although AGE-2 is good, AGE-1 is just unbeatable.

P.S. I think Mobile Suit Gundam AGE had a need to base its MS design style on Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s. Not that I’m complaining mind you.