Asterisk's Mobile Suit Menagerie

I got this totally great idea today*. Instead of posting all of my pictures in individual threads, I’ll just stick my new stuff in here =D

Been working on this for at least 6 weeks off and on. Go figure, one of the few times I give a Feddie kit a full paintjob, I do it in it’s own colors.

*After taking another look through Lupes’ thread

And finally, a picture of ZeonPeon’s COMPLETE Super Zaku

What kind of model is that (The top photo).

Hazel II.

I’ve got all the Hazels, but this is the only one I’ve fully painted.

Man dat Hazel. And ZP’s Super Zaku is just downright sexy (btw could you fix the patch on his left foot under the cowl and under his right arm? B won’t shut up about it)

(Planned on it.)

Hazel… from Advance of Zeta, right?

Yes indeedy.

What are the random bits? And is that a green Kampfer or something behind the Super Zaku?

That would be a Zulu if I’m not mistaken

The Zulu has built in leg thrusters?

Geara Zulu, yeah. The random bits are a Rick Dom I’m painting next.

Cool. What colorscheme?

Wait a couple days, you’ll see.

Ooooh I’m excited. I’m sure ZP would love to see that custom Dom as well. You know how he is with them.

Excellent, I love everything going on in this thread.

Mmm, I likes me some Doms… the suit… Yeah. Lawlz, but can’t wait to see it Asterisk, knowing you, it’ll be amazing.

This has actually been done for a while now, but I hadn’t been able to find my camera’s charger.

And then I finished this today.

And finally, the unit together;

Nice PaintJob Theme! like all of em. got any more.