Artwork for gunpla

Hi guys,

Is there any book(s) that compile the artwotk on the box and manual of gunplas? Those artworks are awesome.

Well, Bandai released something last year:

Pretty much similar to what they used to call “catalog”, that was from years ago though

As far as I know there aren’t any books that compile box art for all grades. There are books that have SOME box art.

“Yuji Kaida Art Works” contains art for kit boxes that he designed. The art work has no text on it.

Then there is the “Gunpla Package Art Collection” book. All the art in these books is from the 80’s kits. There is no text on the art.

Another one is “Moblie Suit Gundam Master Grade Data Book 2006”. This includes pictures of kits released up to 2006. There are very small pictures of the kit boxes themselves. One thing that makes this book stand out is that it includes lineart and development art for MG’s up to 2006.

I’m sure there are other books out there that include more box art, but probably not like the actual box (with text on it). Though I do know that some people have scanned boxes and compiled a few albums that floating around online.

There is one other option for you, though it is not in the form of books. “GUNDAM Gunpla Package Art Collection”. Cards with box art and text on them (like I assume you’re looking for). There are some holographic cards in each set. I’m not sure what set they’re currently on.