Armored Core

Soon enough, bro. Put it on your list for now.

Haha I definitely should. I really ought to start getting mech games for actual consoles, I have a Xbox 360 but I only have ZZ destroyer gunner for the phone

I think there are a few Armored Core games on 360, but I’m not entirely sure…

If you ever get a PS2, get Armored Core 3. This game is definitely worth your free time.
I only have a PS2, but I make the best of it.

Will definitely take note of it :wink:

In Armored Core multiplayer on the PS3 every territory is controlled by a group called Neo Zeon. Those players are obviously Gundam fans.

The only ACTUAL mech game I can be proud of to say I played was Virtual On. The only other game I’ve played focused purely on japanese mechs is ZZ Gunner on the iOS which will terminate service by the 31st of March (dafuq?!) anyone still remember this arcade classic?

It should be noted where there are giant robots, Zeon is there, even if you don’t know it.

So what are the controls for any of the Armored Core games? I’d like to know for research purposes.

Damn i love Armored Core. I actually still have the first armored core in good condition. I have almost all the armored core games, i believe i am missing one. I fell inlove with Gundam because of armored core.

I used to play V all the time but none of my friends helped me and wasn’t fun by myself so i took a break. I should get back into it tho.