Are the RG decals water slide?

I bought an RG GP01 Zephyranthes put together a few days ago ( I cut a chunk and put inside the water when it comes to putting the decal on. I was expecting decal will rise and able to slide around, nope instead it soak up the water and mess up with decal paper.

No they are stickers

Can we soak up those stickers with water for repositioning? When applying on the model, I have to reset the decal if the position isn’t correct. It could damage the decal if I have had to remove and stick it back again. Drytranfer is not the best way to go.

I think that soaking the stickers in water would also damage them. I think the better option would be to find a set of water slides for the RG in question. Bandai a lot of the time releases a set for the RGs.

Here you go.

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Update, I got the RG decal for gp01fb. Quality is bad. They are so thin that you could easily damage them if you screw up. Also, metallic parts on the original sticker are not metallic here and print resolution is very low too.

Was it the bandai one, or 3rd party?