Applying stickers on wet surface?

I remember seeing/reading something about this. You wet the surface where the sticker goes and it will give you a chance to move the sticker into position just like a waterslide decal before you press all the water out. Have anyone done this or is my brain fried from all the lacquer fumes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?

I’ve never heard of that before. In my experience with any form of stickers, water or anything wet will cause them to lose their adhesive properties and not stick.

I agree with what thwacked said. Yes, it will make it like a water decal in that its easier to slide it around, however it will not stick well and unless you really coat it in with top coat it’ll come off easy. It’s a doable process but I don’t see a point in I. Just take your time with the sticker and put it on right the first time around.


ha I was on my phone, the d and the r are right next to each other

Not the exact video I was looking for as it was on a model but same idea


decal? I thought it was pronounce de-cal not dec-al? hmmm

I don’t see this being beneficial in the long run. It seems like a lot more work than just sticking the sticker onto the model straight up. Also you runt he risk of water/air still being under the sticker if you aren’t 110% thorough.

Its pronounced either way.

Small stickers are easy but a long or large piece can be tricky. Guess I can still use the bridge method without wetting the surface on long pieces. We’ll see.

I agree the bridge method would be ideal for larger but idk. I’m still hesitant. Never know til you try it yourself right?

Um, in that video, those decals he’s using on the windows are vinyl, not the kind of stuff we use on kits. That’s why it works like that. Each piece of lettering on that decal is a piece of thin vinyl. Bandai sticker decals are printed on thin sticker.

Yea, I’m going to find some leftover stickers from the 00 Raiser and give it a try and see. Otherwise, I may try taping the sticker with backing down once in position like dry transfer. then remove the backing and lay the sticker down, then remove the tape from the sticker. Have to get some 3M low tack artist tape first, hopefully that won’t pull the sticker back up.

So apparently you CAN do this with Bandai slides as well. I was looking at a video on the gundam info site and it says to do this?! I’m going to try out on my 3.0 whenever i get around to it.

Cool! I keep thinking that I actually saw it somewhere but couldn’t find the original vid. Thank for letting me know that I’m not imagining things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: