Anyone ordered parts from Gentai parts?

I lost a part on my GP01 Zephyranthes so I went to Gentei to order one. I went through the signup with no problem. The I create an order, selected the kit, runner and item number. Selected the shipping method and then it’s didn’t go any further. My order can be view in the My Order section but I was not asked for a payment method. Do they email you for payment later?

I don’t know, I had the same problem a couple days ago. I’m guessing they either call or email you later.

They usually get back to you within a few days with a quote + shipping. You have to wait quite a long time for the parts. I’ve had it take a couple months. I’m guessing they have to wait until Bandai produces the parts since they most likely have no extras just laying around.

That’s a long time. I thought it took 1-3 weeks.

It seems that they have revamp their system. All parts are 180yen and shipping is standard at 380yen SAL and 1200yen express. Once you make all the selection, it gives you the total but without going to a payment page. Guess it’s still evolving.

Well. the new system seems to be working well. I just received a confirming email with a Paypal payment link. So hopefully this will mean faster turnaround for all.

And then maybe not. I just got a email from Gentei. I was excited when I saw the header and thought it was a shipping notice. But unfortunately, it just a message they have have finally place an order with Bandai for the part I need. That’s 2 week since i paid them. They did say that I wall get another email when the part ships. Kind of disappointed but guess I can’t really complaint since without them I’m left with either a unfinished kit or having to buy another ;-(. Will update again when I get the shipping notice.

Not surprising at all. I feel the same way; getting the darn part, but waiting a long time for it is better than having to buy the entire kit again. Unless, of course, you plan on buying it again anyway.

I’m considering ordering 2 parts for my Kampfer. The lower halves of the beam saber hilts. I put 2 pieces into the legs yesterday. Needless to say, they will not be coming out ever again. Guess I need to just contact Gentei and talk to them.

I feel you, Wiz. They just shipped my parts today, but I feel like I have no need of them anymore.

Maybe it’s just me, but gentei kits have been great to me. I ordered a part for the old red frame HG, got all the emails then ended up getting one with an apology. My account was accidently deleted, but that any order I made still went thru. I think it’s worth the wait with that site.

Another update. Al least it seems Bandai’s response is much faster as I just got an email from Gentei that they have received the part from Bandai already and will be shipping soon. So hopefully, it’ll be here within the next 2 weeks.

Now things are moving fast. Just got the shipping notice. Yay!

Awesome news good sir. Did you get a tracking number with it?

Wow, that’s pretty quick. Good enough reason for me to put in an order of my own very soon.

You would get a tracking number if you choose EMS shipping. I didn’t check as I’m sure it won’t get posted until after the weekend. So the complete process is probably going to be under 4 weeks. It probably help that it’s a fairly new kit so Bandai probably have stock on the spares. Although I hope that it will be a long time before I need their service again. But knowing that they are there if I need them certainly makes life easier.

No kidding. I’m glad that it’s working. And I hope the part gets there soon. I’d like to see your GP01 finished.

They have closed orders for parts, and I have to order one. What was that eBay seller that you had in your signature that sold parts? Was he a good seller?

ymmtkyih is his ebay user name. But honestly I’m not sure he’s doing it anymore. He has no listings and has not had any feedback in past 12 months. So I’m not even sure if he is available. One of the reasons I took that part out of my sig.

My parts arrived today. They took about a month to get here, Dlinker.