Anyone else see this?


That’s, interesting. I wonder if it’ll be as bad as that Chinese representation of SEED.

WHAT THE FOG. This isn’t fake is it?

thwalker, was there one for SEED too?

watch, the main character is gonna be Sai Saici.

doesn’t the top one look like Psycho-Gundam

The earth looks fake too.


Deathscythe!'s signiture is my reaction.

But if this is being made locally in China, instead of Canada (G Savior, gawd), then it has to be decent.
Now I only hope Burning will be called God.

Also, finding a suitable Master Asia is going to be tough man.

You know… the moment I saw this I knew it was fake, but based on other peoples reactions… I’m not so sure anymore.

Peepz, pls.

This is ostensibly a fake

Probably some graphic design student somewhere trying out his newly learned tablet skills. Somewhere.

This looks like a mother faker.

I would love for Chinese film students to do this.


  1. Unlike G-Savior, it wouldn’t be canon

  2. It would be hilarious

  3. Out of the 5 new shuffle members, Sai Saici is the least useful one. I’d love to see him flop as a lead.

  4. It would be really hilarious

It will probably be a super-robot movie with Gundam head thats it.

I thought G-savior was fake until I learned it was real…and I own a copy now <.<

Why? such shitty movies are rare. Being a gundam movie does not save it in fact makes it worse.

And G-Savior is canon, yes it is.

I know which makes it even worse. At least its UC 223. So there could be quite a few things i nbetween. But I hope more for stories told about OYW.

The presence of Jegans and colonies are about the only thing that give it any link to the UC, the G-savior itself is never refered to as a Gundam, in fact the name Gundam is not present in the movie at all. I own it because I bought it back in like 2002 at an EB Games store because it was like $5 and I was like 12 years old, I had no idea it was Gundam when I watched it, but now that its been discontinued I actually count myself fortunate because real copies are difficult to get your hands on nowadays, and as gundam fans it is our responsibility to bash or defend anything we feel necessary and I certainly can’t bash something I’ve not seen before.

thats a reasonable policy most of the time, but sometimes the premise of the movie is bad enough.

Sticks Fingers in ears


No litterally that’s my reaction to it, most fans pretend it never happened and I aim to stay that way my self.