Anyone else a writer?

I had that once, but it was for a plot device and the guy turned into a god anyway.

It’s a looooong story.

Sounds like super robot wars. I don’t have newtypes, innovators or any similar mystical godbeings. Strictly real robot.

I’ve got Newtypes, Atlanteans, genetically-engineered super-soldiers, an Einst, an android or two, three (former) gods…I prefer to have fun with things, though the Atlanteans were entirely my friend Alex’s idea. He contributes ideas and chapters sometimes, I credit him when credit is due.

I have what would probably qualify as an android (that or a mere mortal with a ton of robotic prostheses).

…I just realize we’ve spent 3 pages talking about stories to each other, and yet I only just met you tonight and the chances of you having read my rambling odyssey before are astronomically low.

Three pages? What do you have it set to only 10 posts per page or some such?
Bah! My iPad laughs at the idea of this discussion being three pages. On a more serious note, when I can be bothered to stick around I post more than anyone (both in number and in length of posts). Ask the vets, a certain mod tried to outpost me for quite a bit before giving up. I think he briefly passed me only after me being absent/self imposed hiatus for the last 3 months or so. As much as I’ve been posting today/catching up, I’ve probably passed him again… :smiley:
Back to swapping stories… I raise you with religious warfare (still the same story btw). :slight_smile:

Religious warfare? I’m not opening that can of worms.

I meant it’s in my story. The fanatics I mentioned are motivated by their fundamentalist religion.

I know. And I said that’s not something I’d ever get into.

I was just clarifying. :slight_smile:
Also I have really subtle legal loopholes being used to gather power. Again all background material.

Yeah, you clearly have been at this longer than me.

I used to write random original short stories for fun during my Junior High and high school days. Truth be told, they were pretty crappy aside from, like, two (which were halfway decent, if a bit ridiculous). But with my current story, I’ve been taking my sweet time (over 4 years and counting now) trying to get everything just the way I want it, while trying not to rush anything. I have a general outline for the main beats/arcs of my story, most of the background and supplementary materials, and a ton of character profiles, it’s just a matter of spending the time to hammer a 50 chapter novel(la) out of them.

Four years? That’s twice the amount of time I’ve been writing, no wonder…

That’s four on this story. And truly it has been off and on with only short bursts of actual typing; most of the time that I’m working on it, it’s just me sitting and thinking about how to best develop/write the story/supplemental materials in my head.

Check your private messages btw.

I saw.

And, well, aside from some really old and really bad Mega Man fanfic, this is the only thing I’ve written…

I just read the first chapter of your current series. It doesn’t appear to be too bad.
Personally I’m more of a dialog guy; I only describe the action sufficiently enough to advance the story, and I do not get hung up on visual descriptions, unless I feel that they are important to the story. I’d rather just give a basic description of the action/mech and let the reader visualize the specifics in their own heads. Sorta like the old horror movies that try to do more with less.

I’m not good with description, but I try my best. And I’m glad to find you gave the first chapter a look, it means a lot to hear about others reading my work.

I thought you would, and it’s the least I could do after I subjected you to the bit from my work. :wink:

Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to make this clear: I didn’t mean to ignore your posts, GNZ; ItsVince and I just got carried away in our discussion, so I missed it while exchanging info back and forth with him.
As for your post, you should embrace the inner Kill 'em All… :wink:

I’m all for a group discussion of writing, but if you want to go back and forth comparing notes and discussing specifics, could you maybe just PM each other? I know you didn’t set out to have a 2 way conversation, but it kind became that way. Sorry to be a pain. Hope you understand.