Anyone else a writer?

I’ve been writing an ongoing saga, loosely grouped into the Super Robot Wars banner, for a long time now. I started with just a forum RPG that went dead, and now I have, let’s see…87 or so chapters of story. Short chapters, sure, but chapters.

My current story is my first with no borrowed sub-plots, having an entirely new story that mixes elements of ZZ, the original Gundam, and even One Piece. Believe it.

I’m not a writer professionally, but, as I have stated in the past, I’ve been working on an original Gundam story (set in an original timeline) since sometime around the very first 00 announcement years ago. Whether or not I’ll ever finish it is up in the air. The few people that I’ve shown it to have liked what I’ve written so far.

No, I will not be posting what I have completed so far. The story/novel(la) isn’t complete, and I may rewrite the completed chapters, wholly or in part, before it is. And, even if it was complete, it wouldn’t be posted on Gundam Forums, since it is most definitely R-rated material (and therefore not appropriate for this forum).

For what it’s worth, my avatar is based on some line art I had commissioned for it.

I know about that, I’ve gone into some stuff that skirts the R-rating myself…

My characters drop F-bombs a lot, but they’re TEENAGERS, what do you expect?

I don’t mean swearing. The amount of swearing in my work is barely beyond the typical swearing in Gundam. I like writing detailed depictions of violence/maiming/death. I also don’t shy away from suggestive/risqué humor. Blue Gender and Godannar were some of my influences (beyond the usual Zeta Gundam and the like).

Part of what’s causing me to take so long writing it (besides the fact that I have other things to do), is the fact that I’m pretty obsessive about things like writing out the universe’s backstory/timeline and writing out various important in-universe documents, so that I can have a fully realized world, since I’m not piggybacking off of someone else’s universe or stories (It is not set in the UC or any of the established timelines, so I have to build my world, technology, characters, etc. from scratch).

Suggestive humor? I got that in spades.

I shy away from the gore though.

I’ve been in the process of writing my own side story to Unicorn, although there’s no correlation to the events of Unicorn, it’s just the same time frame in the UC set on Mars.

By “suggestive” I mean borderline pornographic. Two of the characters, in particular, would happily fit in personality wise with the misfits from Porky’s. :wink:

That’s what I mean too.

It always annoyed me how the protagonists of these shows I watched could save the entire bleeping world and still not be able to get laid. :stuck_out_tongue:

My lesbians “play” like bunnies! :smiley:

I don’t have any lesbians…

I might have, but it took me three stories to learn how to keep my cast small and they probably got lost.

While an author page does come up for me on Amazon, I have a dayjob and I much prefer writing for fun - especially fanfiction.

Nothing I write is remotely forum appropriate, so please use your imaginations.

I have a transgendered crewmen as well. None of my LGBT characters are stereotypes.

Another crewmen’s family lives aboard the main ship as well. Forgot to mention there are bits of star trek (nothing huge, just small touches) in my story as well. On the whole, the story’s tech is relatively tame, nothing beyond F91 and, in some ways, the world is less advanced technologically than First Gundam.

I had the protagonist of the first two stories’ whole living family on board the ship with him.

Right now I’m writing in UC 108 and so I decided to accelerate the tech to F91 levels instead of more CCA-ish levels, downsized MS and everything.

My characters are also seasoned soldiers in their late 20s to mid 30s, for the most part. I’m not a fan of the whiney teenager finds a Gundam plot angle. As for the tone I have no problem getting into disturbing/disgusting territory…

<removed dark material>

The passage, incidentally, was only a small portion of the backstory; it occured a good ten years or so before the beginning of my novella’s story (the novella is set during the final 2 years of a drawn out war). If you can’t tell, I believe in starting a story in media res.

Also my lead character is female, if you didn’t catch that little tidbit. Think Major Kusanagi crossed with Emma Sheen to get a rough idea of her as a person.

Please do not quote/copy this post. thank you.

Jesus christ, that’s dark!

I never get dark, my story’s based off a franchise known for humor, and I try to preserve that.

And I never said they were whiny teenagers, more cynical but still hopeful teenagers. I don’t like whiny teenagers either, makes SEED and MSG positively unbearable.

I told you. Perhaps with that little bit of info you can see why I’m going to be protective of my story until it’s just right. Given some of the subject matter, I don’t want to release something incomplete or poorly written. It’s also a large part of why my (female) lead’s girlfriend and her (male) second in command are a pair of perverts; I need something to lighten the mood given all the doom and gloom.

As for the whiney leads typically found in Gundam, I tend to go more for the characters who have internal struggles over what’s right and wrong and whether or not they are doing the right thing or not (Athrun, Char, and Emma all fall under this category).

Well me, if I want doom and gloom, I have to add it myself!

It’s not exactly a happy wonderland, people have died on many an occasion, but they tend to die in a blaze of glory because that’s what heroes deserve. And some of them come back anyway.

I’m trying to avoid the whole Tomino bit where a lot of people die in my story. However I’ve got enough in there that I can kill off a few when called for.

Silly me, I’ve gone this far without even posting a link.

No rape or explicit murder here, just swearing and people dying. And cheesy Super Robot dialogue. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m all for going out in a blaze of glory, but I also have some characters just get punked out of nowhere (think Anya from Buffy or Astonaige in CCA, etc.). Hell, I’ve been known to have friendly fire deaths…