Anyone Care to Explain??

So a friend of mine sent this to me and it’s from some anime not related to gundam, and yet…does that cab look familiar to anyone???


Gundam is pretty ingrained into Japanese pop culture. This anime is probably just doing a wink wink at Gundam. Kind of like how Jay and Silent Bob have bong sabers in Jay and Silent Bob strike back. Or any of the other casual or not so casual references to Star Wars in American pop culture.

True enough. Lucky Star is a good example of this. RondoCii watches a ton of Lucky Star, and they use tons of references to a ton of pop culture things. I wouldn’t doubt it if they’ve mentioned Gundam. Konata does get into all of her Mecha and is seen in pictures cosplaying as RX-78.

If I remember correctly, Sgt Frog has an episode that is entirely comprised of gundam references.


ZAKU!!! Gotta love Japan