Any MtG players frequent the forums?

Anyone else on the forums play Magic the Gathering?

Doesn’t matter if you only play tabletop casual, frequent FNMs, or what have you.

I used to play Magic, but then I got into Yu-gi-oh.

I used to play both, got no one play against but my brother for yu-gi-oh. But he’s got a life to live so we rarely ever play. I also used to play VS. The Marvel vs. DC card game, that was fun to play.

As for Magic, I used to mainly play Sunburst Slivers, so much so I earned the title “Sliver King” from my oppenents, or Black/Blue Color Manipulation/Destroy/Remove from game. Also have a Red/Black Dragons deck that can win on 1 turn if the right hand is drawn. Also played a Mermaid Deck, again played it so well got called the “Mer-king” for some reason. Also got a bunch of other decks.

Yu-Gi-Oh I only really ever cared for one deck, and that was my Horus deck. Mostly a Dragons deck. Also played a Crystal Beasts deck and a badass Spellcaster deck. Also had a Blue Eyes deck. I was one of the few who could fusion summon the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and the other fusion with the ritual Black Luster Soldier.

I run a Black Wing Deck. It’s mot tournament worthy, but it still has bite to it. Black Wings are the shitz man.

Yep. Never did DCI stuff, mostly casual, but I’ve built decks that have wrecked tourney regulars. I stick to the Legacy format exclusively, with some EDH on the side. (If you’ve never played EDH, or Commander as they’re now calling it, check it out; it’s one of the most fun formats in the game.)

Right now, I’ve got two good Legacy decks, a black and white Swords deck, and a Burn deck with just a splash of white.

My wife and I used to play rather regularly. But lately we’ve kinda gotten out of it. I have so many different decks that it’d be hard to list. lol

I play with my brothers all the time

We still follow it pretty regularly. We’re waiting for the drop of M13 right now. There are some pretty cool cards to be released this go round. Pretty stocked to see Nicol Bolas reprinted (he’s my favorite Planeswalker).

I played a bit about 14 years ago, but I was never any good.

Im with you about bolas thwalker13

I have a casual Grixis deck based around Bolas. I’m hoping to make a standard Grixis control deck that can effectively get Bolas out rather quickly.

Magic the Gaterhing? If I memorize correctly, it was free for everbody to download for the PSN had been penetrated in and all the data had been stolen? Well, I’ll shortly examine my PSN on video games like this. … I’ve finally found a purpose for this :smiley:

Yup. I’ve just checked my collection of all Video games I’ve purchased, by being given as a present or downloaded or what so ever.
Has “MtG- Duels of the Planeswalkers” been being talked about ? If yes, I’d like one to give me an explaination…

I’m now going giving it a try, adios, gundamoumamos.

Yeah Wizards has started releasing that video game every year now. I’ve played it once. And didn’t much care for it. Though it is a good way to people just starting out to learn the ropes of how to play Magic.

I have almost a complete collection of the old Mirrodin Set. Ever since Neutral Grounds closed in the city (and my friends and i discovered partying), i stopped playing.

I still have about 2000 cards sitting in a drawer. :confused:

I plat mtg, i’m awful at it but i play it.

Magic ftw woooooooooooooooooooooooo

My friend runs an Over powered one of those…so…much rage induceing summon chaining effects. Granted I don’t have my deck from when I used to play and was useing one his. I Used to run a Dark Magician/Dragon deck from hell as my main, also had a few others, had a nice deck that was basically a buffed up Pegusus Starter, lots of Toons, Relenquished and 1000 Eyes restict.

As For magic, I used to play on the school bus with a friend of mine, never really got into it, which is odd since I used to be into every card game under the sun, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z Card Game, Naruto Gard game.

I kept trying to figure out what he meant by “Black Wing”. I guess it’s a Yu-Gi-Oh thing? I played that back in high school. But at the time all the great cards were super expensive. So I switched to MTG. Cards were cheaper and the game play was better I felt.

Blackwings is a Yugioh deck that intends to flood the board with multiple dark winged beasts for quick aggression and synchro summoning (think of a better fusion summoning).

Yugioh became too expensive for my tastes in order to play competitively. Seriously, a little more than $100 for a copy of Pot of Duality? These are the sort of cards that should be common, rare, or super rare at best.

At least with Magic, older cards are still available for use in older formats and don’t spike up into the $100 range instantly (minus cards such as the old dual lands).

One of the reasons I got out of Yu-Gi-Oh, to expensive, and besides that no one ever plays arround here, there is a site called Duel Network that allows you to play with just about any card for free of charge, I’d play there but it’s iffy with my Dial up.

But yeah that sums up the black wings flood the board with card after card. Gets annoying fast.